Monday, August 11, 2008

All About Bev

Hi, my name is Bev, and I hate pants.

Sure, there's a lot more to me than that, but that's as good a starting point as any. I like quoting movies and TV shows, poking fun at celebrities, talking about my flair work, and most of all, I love to laugh. I also like to make others laugh, which is where you and Out of Bev's Head (OOBH) come in.

I have a crappy office job filled with annoying coworkers, but I put up with it because it allows me to do a lot of what I really love to do: write. I do a good deal of freelance writing work these days and I'm really thrilled to be embarking on a new, satisfying career. Now that I've started doing it, I realize that it is what I have always been meant to do! You can read all about my burgeoning writing career on my website.

I'm married to Jim, who teaches high school. We've been together for 14 years, which kind of blows my mind considering we're still so young and hip, damn it. He's a good egg: a sweet Deadhead who's a great dad to our two sons and treats his woman well. He's nice to me, too. ;)

And yeah, it's okay to joke about his bowl cut.

These aren't the droids you're looking for.

My boys are my favorite part of life so far, even though they are little stinkers most of the time. I'm convinced that the act of raising children is the sole reason that wine was invented.

Speaking of booze, I may be in my thirties but I have not lost my desire or ability to have a good time now and again. My good times are fewer, further between, and better-planned now that I am a grown-up wife and mother, but I still get my freak on whenever possible. In fact, I am a firm believer in shaking your money maker, dropping it like it's hot, and generally gettin' jiggy wid' it. I think it's important.

I talk about my BFFs quite a bit. Mala and I have been friends since those TV production days I mentioned earlier. Thirteen years of friendship through good times and bad... and we've never once had a fight. We do love to whoop it up .

I met Laurie years ago at a book club meeting and somehow we stayed in vague contact until fate (and Facebook!) brought us together. Laurie is feisty and fun and we share a fondness for all things glossy and girly. She's a tough chick and someone I always want to have on my side.

It's not always beer & Skittles here on the OOBH but I do try to keep it upbeat for the most part. I love to make fun of celebrities and talk about music and pop culture. Oh, and I have a dirty mind, I'm not gonna lie to ya. I like talking about boobs (my own, in particular), sex, and TMI.

I'm glad you stopped in today. If you love to laugh, don't forget to read the comment sections for each post! If I haven't stopped by your blog yet drop me an email (bevtastic7 at gmail) so I can check it out!

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy what comes out of my head.