Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pull up a mousepad and get comfy

So, welcome to my brand spankin' new blog. I resisted the urge to start one for a long time, but today I decided that I might actually have a few things to say after all. Of course, I may be entirely wrong and you might all find that I'm incredibly boring, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

About me: I'm 33, married, with two small children. I work in an office of financial type folks, most of whom are tolerable, some of whom are not. I come from a small town in northern Vermont, and now live in a small town in southern New Hampshire. I don't care for cities, crowds, or traffic. I love the outdoors, but only if the insects are minimal and there's shade to be had... I'm a little high-maintenance when it comes to the great outdoors!

I'm a certified pop culture junky and am never at a loss for a good movie quote. It's a source of a kind of bizarre pride for me; it likely sprouts from the fact that in that small town I just mentioned, we got one television signal on the rabbit ears, but my dad was a forward-thinking dude and bought us two of the very first VCRs ever made. We taped every movie we rented for years and years and years (shhh, don't tell the Feds!). Our collection was massive - three movies to a tape, and I estimate about 90-100 tapes by the time the mid-90's and DVD players rolled around. We became well-versed on the classic 80's screwball comedies: Caddyshack, Vacation, Stripes, Airplane, Revenge of the Nerds, 16 Candles, and so forth. My dad, sister, and I would quote movies at any and every opportunity, and it was a habit that stuck. To this day, we aren't together long before a good quote comes out... perfectly timed, perfectly appropriate to the situation. It's a gift, really. :)

Dad also bought one of the first consumer video cameras on the market, which instilled in me a love for video production that lasts to this day. I had a brief run in local television production, which lead to streaming media/live webcast production in early the 2000's (well before any schlub with a webcam and an internet connection could put on a show for YouTube). Don't ask me how I ended up taking coffee orders and hearing about every missed page and hiccup the photocopy machine makes. I still haven't figured that out myself, and I doubt I ever will!

Anywho... that about brings you up to speed. I value humor and honesty above all things, so if you're funny and honest and honestly funny, this blog is for you!

kiss kiss,


Mala said...

Welcome to Blogdom Bev. We've been waiting for you.

bevtastic said...

Thanks, Malomatic! What can I say? My love of gabbing cannot be contained... I need to let it out somewhere!!

Lisa said...

I love the story about the VCR. We also had a VCR that was ridiculously expensive and one of the very first... seemed like a crazy thing for the fiscally responsible farmer/teacher to do... but it sure helped me when I wanted to rewind the TV version of "The Breakfast Club" so I could get the quote about Ahab just right... HA!

Love ya, Bev!


Cary said...

Here's where it all begins. I'm glad you started. I miss the funny glasses pic.