Monday, August 18, 2008

Tall Ships, and one big Tuna

Jim and the boys in front of the U.S.S. Albacore

On Saturday we had the chance to go tour one of the Tall Ships over in Portsmouth, and while we were there we found a retired research submarine that is an historic landmark. We had no idea the sub was even there (we're still learning so much about New England!), and BS loves submarines thanks to the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" album. :)

So, it was a big hit on all counts. The Tall Ship was neat because we've never actually been able to go on board and below decks, we've just seen them from a distance in the harbor.

The sub was neat because I had no idea how TINY they are inside; the sleeping berths were freaky! Those sailors were stacked in there like sardines - four bunks high (the bottom one being on the floor, the top one being less than a foot from the ceiling), and 12 bunks in probably a 12' x 12' space. DH and I both had the "Oh shit" moment when we first stepped into the tiny entryway with hot, stagnant air.... We are both far too claustrophobic to ever consider life at sea, apparently.

BS, however, seemed perfectly suited to it. Like a fish to water, as they say.

What a nice change of pace: touring something where they let the kids touch everything in sight!

We all really enjoyed the day, and we managed to just barely avoid the roaming thunderstorms which have become a daily occurance around the state this summer.

Ahoy! Until next time, mateys. :)


Ck said...

I love the pic of Pirate Danny! Arrrggg!

Courtney said...

The eye patch is classic.