Thursday, August 21, 2008

We laughed SO hard

Jim and I make it a point to watch The Soup with the hilarious Joel McHale every week. It is one of the few guaranteed laughs on our DVR queue, and I am always eager to see which stories they will cover from the wacky week of entertainment.

This week was no exception to that rule, but this one clip in particular had us ROLLING! Ladies & gentlemen, I give you Spaghetti Cat:

Awesome! It reminds me of my TV days when we would get very silly in the control room and make up funny graphics & pictures, etc. We used to do this thing where I'd merge the two anchor people's faces into one. Dan & Alica became "Dalicia." She was one freaky-looking tranny. :) The anchors thought it was funny... at first.


Good times.


Mala said...

What I would give to have a copy of our infamous, and ever so scary, "Dalicia"!
Such a shame that pesky news constantly interrupted our creative flow!
Good times.

Mala said...

LOL! Admit it! That's totally something we would have done. That drunk b*tche's story was totally boring! Sometimes production just has to breathe a little life into a segment!

bevtastic said...

Mala, I totally agree! "Blah blah blah...booze is bad... blah blah... I eat crazy crap..." BAM - cat eating spaghetti! Now, that is entertaining!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you probably guessed that Kevin and I watch the Soup weekly, too... we also LOBO.

;) I would love to hear more stories about your news days!