Wednesday, September 3, 2008

All of a sudden, getting old sucks

Until today, I was totally cool with getting older. So I'm a few (ahem) pounds heavier than before, have to get my hair colored regularly to hide the little gray garden that sprouts up on my part, and have fine lines and sun damage and all that good stuff starting on my face. My thirties have been pretty cool so far, and heck - I've already survived one bout of cancer, so life is pretty rockin', right?

Sort of. It's still good to be Bev, but now Bev has to get $1,690 worth of dental work done. Yes, that is the amount due AFTER my good-for-nothing insurance company kicks in their measely $460 for the crown and several fillings my new dentist just told me I needed, as illustrated by his fancy-dancy little camera. Apparently, even though I have slacked off and not used my benefits for two years (blush), I have only $460 remaining in benefits until next July, when it renews. What the--? How does that happen?

So now, in addition to the painful and icky 5 hours of office visits I must endure, I must also feel pain in my wallet.

That's it! Pull them all and give me a mouthful of Gary Busey chompers!

The good news is that I've been informed that my hygiene is terrific, and I had very little plaque. Just holes in my teeth and a mouthful of metal that needs replacing. Fan-freakin-tastic!

Oh well. At least my boobs aren't getting saggy or... Oh, wait. Crap!


Anonymous said...

Ah, suck. :( I am so sorry.. but can seriously relate to the sting of the dental bill and the "you do such a great job with your teeth, but..." line.

I think I might pay $1690 to see you with Buseyteeth. ;)

Hugs, Bev.


Mala said...

As sexy as you would look with Busey-Biters, is this a new dentist? Perhaps he just looked at you and saw 'cha-ching!', as we all do, I mean especially with that flawless skin! (did I mention how radiant you looked?) Hmmmmm, maybe it's just his ploy to spend time with the pretty lady!
Either way, maybe a second opinion would be advantagous?

Kate said...

Oh no Bev!! Dental insurance totally never seems to pay for anything.

Mala said...

OK, who feels like calling a certain spamming dentist and fill their calendar with appointments for the next 5 months. C'mon! Who's in!?