Thursday, September 18, 2008

From the Vault

This is a new thing I'm going to try out. As I was cleaning out my drawers (not that kind of drawers... pervs), I came across lots of pictures from my misspent youth. I think I'll open the vault once in a while and give you all a little peek at Bev, The Early Years(TM). :)

In that vein... have I ever shown you...

My official White House photograph of me (and a bunch of other people) with then-Vice President Al Gore?

Yes, it really is him, even though he does resemble a cardboard cut-out. I'm the pale human-like shape with the purple top and uneven bangs on his right. If you click on the pic for the full-sized version, you can read my "cook's tour" comments, in yellow. To sum up, one guy made it to broadcast news, one girl is my best friend to this day AND a loyal Outofbevshead reader (hi Mala!), and the creepy dude on the far right does, indeed, speak fluent Cling-on. Looks do not deceive you there.

Anywho... this pic was taken when I worked in TV news when Al was running for president back in 2000. I was going through some health issues and had actually had pretty major surgery only one week before this big event. Not that I'm trying to explain my deathly pallor, or anything vain like that. Noooooo. That would be silly. But anyway.

This is probably, sadly, one of the largest bullet points on my television resume, as I got to technical direct the show. Pretty big stuff for a 24-year old. :)

So there you have it - your first glimpse into the vault. You like? You like.


Mala said...

OMG You were WAY too nice on the little yellow subtitles. C'mon Bev! It's your blog, go for it!!!!!!
I always thought he looked a little more Madame Toussand's than cardboard cut-out. But still, I always have to convince people that it really is Gore!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the vault... how long will we have to wait for the next installment? I have so many questions, like... what book was the woman in read reading? Does your former boss still rock the mullet, OR, did he eventually come to his senses? What did the guy with the moppy read hair do?

Can't wait for the next picture? Can we request eras... say... the Bev & Jim early days?

☺ Lisa

Bev said...

Ok... to answer your questions....

The vault will be opened sporadically, whenever I can't think of anything else to post about. :-x LOL! And yes, Bev & Jim, the early days, are a'comin'! I have JUST the pic for you....

The woman in red... who knows? I would have thought it was one of Mr. Gore's books, which she had autographed, but that's just my best guess.

The redhaired mop-topped guy is an Australian bloke who was a news videographer. He either helped us out by running a studio camera that night, OR was just sneaking into the picture like 1/4 of the other people in it! The gummy-grinning woman seated on the right, for instance? Never seen her before. No clue.

The boss rocked the mullet for YEARS, until he had to interview in Boston and realized he needed to step into this decade. :) He looks MUCH better now! Seriously - that bad boy stretched almost to his butt, and he was 6'3" so that's a long ways!