Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm a convert!

DH and I saw Hot Tuna tonight, and MAN, what a great show! I'm definitely converted. Turns out, these two dudes were the bass player and guitar player for the Jefferson Airplane way back when. They are incredibly talented, and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I even had one of those rare epiphony moments when I realized what the "hype" was all about; the last time I had one of those moments was the only time I saw the Dead perform back at Highgate, VT, in 1995. Truly awesome! It was an all acoustic show, and I was blown away by their sheer talent!

The venue was incredible - small, BYOB, with a fantastic older crowd that made me think about DH and myself seeing a show like this in 20 years time, God willing.

Excellent music, excellent company... I can't think of a better way to spend an evening.

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Anonymous said...


Looks like a great show! And I absolutelu love the pic of Danny smiling at the camera. Looks like he will be a true soccer player.

I love your blog!


Anonymous said...

Love the post! Cute pic of the 2 of you - and does Jim know that he should be a teeth model? Holy cripes are those straight, perfect teeth! :)