Friday, September 5, 2008

One of those mornings

The bad:

LS was up at 5:30 AM, like clockwork

I had to manually remove BS from bed, as in, grasp him by the ankles and haul him out while he whined and moaned and claimed to be sick. Good times.

LS has a runny nose, so my shirt is speckled with snail trails. I also have rapidly-browning banana bits on my pant leg. I feel really put-together, let me tell ya.

The good:

BS did not wet the bed (it's a miracle!)

I was on time to work (another miracle!)

Both kids arrived at school relatively clean and good spirits



So, my dearest readers, any big plans for the weekend? Not much here - BS starts soccer tomorrow morning, then we might go check out this annual seafood festival we say we're going to go to every year, and then don't. Of course, this year may be no exception to that rule since it's supposed to rain cats & dogs all weekend.

On Sunday DH and I have an actual date. I know - imagine that! With a babysitter and everything! We're going to see a favorite band of his called Hot Tuna. I have nothing more to add to that topic because frankly, I'm not even sure what they sound like. I'm much more excited to see Weezer with my good buddy Malomatic in 2 weeks!

Anyway. That's all I can think of to report at the moment! I'm feeling a bit chatty today, and as you know, I don't exactly have a giant circle of office pals with whom to gossip... so this may not be my only post du jour. Time will tell - stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

chat away, Bev! As you can see from your traffic feed, I visit a lot. (insert blushing face here)

Hope you get to go have some lobstah... though rain would keep me on my sofa, for sure.

Have a great weekend!