Friday, September 5, 2008

Turns out, Kermit was wrong

It is easy being green!

I'm embarrassed to admit that I just bought the green fabric grocery bags yesterday. As someone who does care about the environment, I was feeling tremendous guilt each week as I carted home tons of plastic grocery bags! I mean, yes, reuse them, but it still felt wasteful.

Finally Stop & Shop started selling them for $.99 each, so I loaded up and they really are awesome. They hold a surprising amount of groceries, and they're easier to carry than regular bags. Plus, good for the earth, so win, win, win!

Now I just have to figure out what Jim is going to use to collect the dog's, errrm, leavings, from the yard.

Of course, I'm not patting myself on the back too much. I'm still driving a big ol' minivan and loving every plush, roomy minute of it, after all! But I'm trying, doing my small part, and all that good tree-hugging stuff. Feels good.


Anonymous said...

Too funny about the feeling about the bags... I bought them from Shaws a while back and I feel twice as guilty that I have them but don't use them every time I leave them in the car. It's not like it's so far to go get them... Once I even left my cart in the store unattended for about the 2 minutes it took to get them, but usually I'm just too lazy.
Have fun at the show. I feel like I'm a bit of a voyeur reading your blog but on the other hand, I loved getting to know you better last week and it's pretty cool to find out that I'm not alone in some of my, um, quirks shall we say?

Bev said...

Jill, you're a kindred spirit, for sure! I'm glad you checked out the blog, even though my thoughts are a bit on the random side these days. :)

I cannot wait until we get together again. You rock, lady!

Mala said...

Oh don't worry, you'll have plenty of those plastic grocery bags for every time you leave those Earth Friendly ones in your car!