Monday, October 6, 2008

Look at me go!

My third blog entry today. This has to be some kind of record for me! Aren't I prolific? :-p

I just wanted to share a movie rec. As some of my friends know, I tend to choose my Netflix movies based on what strikes me as funny/interesting/different, what Entertainment Weekly says, etc. I tend to like offbeat indie films, and it can be hard to find them since they're often not reviewed in "mainstream" movie reviews. Don't get me wrong - I love some of those "mainstream" films, too, but I definitely enjoy finding little-known gems amongst the piles of mass-produced stuff.

So, that being said, this week's Random Bev-pick is Outsourced, starring nobody you've ever heard of.


Essentially, it's a movie about a dude named Todd Anderson who finds out that his job in customer service for some crappy Lillian Vernon-esque retail company has been moved to India, where labor is cheaper. His boss tells him to go to India to train his replacement and the team of workers, so he does. I don't want to give too much away, but let me just tell you that this movie was touching, smart, funny, and a really eye-opening account of what goes on with corporate outsourcing.

As someone who dials a Minnesota phone number and reaches India (and lately, China) several times a day for work, I thought this film was interesting. It shed a little light on what those places are really like, and to whom I may be speaking. On a side note, when calling our home office, you can always tell when you've reached a foreign call department because of the "American" names they choose. This one chick I always seem to reach in Brokerage Equity Service calls herself, "Apple," for instance. For reals. I always feel like telling her that unless she's a celebrity, Apple is a fruit, but, she's sweet, and I really don't want to ruin it for her. I'm no bubble-burster.

Anyway, it's a cute movie. There's one particularly sweet moment between the two main characters that really left a lasting image in my mind. I kind of want to see it again already! It's sweet, and charming, and different. And that's why it's a Bev-pick.

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Mala said...

I'll have to put that in my queue. Of course that would mean I should send back the current Netflick pick that's been sitting on my kitchen table for 4 months that I haven't bothered to watch.