Saturday, October 18, 2008

Worst dog owners, ever.

DH doesn't want me to tell you this, but he never reads my blog (boo!), so shhhh.

We just spent an hour looking for our dog. DH put his dinner out and was cooking up some hotdogs and mac n' cheese for us; I was trying (and failing) to take a nap on the couch while the boys played GeoTrax. Typical exciting Saturday night at casa de Bev, don'tcha know. When Fritz didn't come running for his dinner and he wasn't in his usual sleeping spot at the foot of the stairs, it occured to us that we hadn't seen him in a while.

The search began, and I got more and more worried as the minutes passed. It is dark and cold tonight, and he never strays from our yard, and always comes when we call for him. Tonight, nothing. Dh drove up and down the main road and returned empty handed, then I drove off down the street as well, windows down, calling his name.... I was really worried that I would find that he had been hit by a car since he's mostly black and it's very dark tonight. I was already imagining making flyers and calling the police, trying to remember his full tattoo number....

When I got home, DH had cracked the case, and now we are dying of embarrassment. You see, this afternoon we went to a local farmstand to meet a friend who was going to take some family pictures. Since Fritzi is a family member, we decided to take him with us. We had a great time, ran a few errands, and came home around 4:30. When we got home, DH carried in the sleeping baby and BS and I grabbed our packages and came inside.

Fritz was in the back of the minivan for over two hours, quiet as a mouse.

I am SO embarrassed! He is fine, of course, but to think we were out there calling and calling his name, and he was 10 feet away in the car and didn't make a peep! At least he was warm enough in there, and the back windows were down so he had fresh air... but MAN. This is bad dog parenting, for sure. We were thinking of getting another dog next spring but now we're pretty sure we have our hands full with the family members we have presently!

So there you have it - one of my most embarrassing moments.... Please don't call the cops to report our neglectful ways!


Anonymous said...

Bev... you guys are GREAT dog owners. There are a hell of a lot worse places than the back of a well-ventilated minivan for 2 hours on a cool fall day. He probably had a fantastic nap.

Worse places, you wonder? How about the horrible, 12-hour night my cat spent, wet, during a rainstorm, in a window well underneath our bedroom window because we forgot him outside?


Axel has showed up on our front porch a couple of times when we let him out the back to pee and we forget to let him back in.

Thank goodness for awesome animals, huh?

Tell Jim about my horrible pet-parenting. Maybe it will make him feel better.


Mala said...

Dear Mathew and Danny,
In light of recent events regarding the unfortunate misplacing of your fur-brother, I recommend you keep with you at all times the following items;

A megaphone - so you can call out to your parents when they leave you god-knows-where.

Extra food- you never know how long your parents will forget you and if there's food available

A cell phone - to call Auntie Mala so she can come rescue you.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! I think Fritz was teaching you a lesson for leaving him in the minivan. He was probably having a good ole laugh watching you panick. LOL! I am glad he is fine and right under your nose the entire time.