Monday, November 10, 2008

Chili Binge '08

Why is it that I struggle & starve for two weeks to lose 5 measely pounds, and then I take one weekend "off" and eat a little too much chili (such delicious chili)... and I gain it all back in two days?

Stupid, stupid! (slapping forehead)

I have once again banished tortilla chips and anything scoopable (salsa, guacamole, chili, tabouli, hummus) from my shopping cart. Many of my favorite foods can only be transported to my mouth using chips, apparently, and as the slogan goes: I cannot eat just one. Oh, and that reminds me - salsa is evil. It is one of those fat-free, "healthy" snacks, yet it can only be eaten with crispy chips of some sort. I know they make those baked things, but c'mon. Those things are like little bits of dried wallpaper and you know it. The best kind of tortilla chips are bubbly and crunchy and deeeeeeelicous.

Which is why I must never eat them.

By the way, some dingbat in a Weight Watchers meeting from eons ago actually suggested that we use carrots to eat salsa. Carrots! Carrots. I mean, really.

So, here's hoping it's water retention from all those salty chips and firey homemade chili I ate this weekend. In the meantime, back on the old calorie restricting wagon. I hate that damn wagon.


Anonymous said...

Ugh...I feel your pain. I just inhaled way too many nachos!

I also need to hope back on that wagon. Good Luck my friend!


Mala said...

Oh c'mon! Salsa is a vegetable, the chip is a neccasity to eat said healthy vegetable so they don't count!

Jo said...

I hate that wagon too, Bev.

Salsa with carrots?? Ick!

Hopefully it is just water retention. Damn that sodium!

Bev said...

I have to blame the sodium. Why is it that all of my favorite foods are SALTY foods? Jeepers... I need a big ol' salt lick, I think.