Friday, November 14, 2008

I must be crazy

We've been talking about getting a puppy.

Apparently I do not have enough dog hair on my clothes, carpet, and in my food!

Apparently I feel like house-training a puppy in the dead of winter... again!

Apparently I want to cough up more dough for obedience training.

Apparently 40 lbs of dog food per month is just not enough - I must buy MORE!

Apparently I want to worry about those tiny little teeth chewing anything in sight.

But puppy breath/grunts/bellies/barks/fur/tiny collars....

Apparently, I am ready.

I have been looking online at shelters, but haven't found the one just yet. We would really love a Bernese Mountain Dog - I've always loved that breed - but they're just too expensive. I just can't justify spending more on a dog than I did on my first car! Of course, that car was a piece of shite, but that's neither here nor there....

I've been corresponding with a woman who has a litter of Bernese Mtn dog/German Shepherd pups. I talked her down $250 in the price and plan to get her down another $100 before I'm through. :) We are talking about an "accident" litter, after all, and she has 5 rambunctious puppies running around her house right now. Something tells me she'll take whatever I'll give her to be rid of one before Christmas.

If we decide we want one, that is. The jury is out. I'm solidly on the fence. But I kinda want one.


Mala said...

We're starting obedience school on Monday! Morgan and Benji... or is that Morgan vs. Benji. We'll see.

Jo said...

Down to $250? You are gooood! No doubt you will get her down to
$100. Can't wait to see your new pup.

Jill said...

funny! our last dog was a doberman from a rescue shelter - I did a quick google and found in MA - not sure how young they might have dogs but I know that the doberman rescue had some young ones and they also gave some obedience training too :) It might be worth checking out