Monday, December 1, 2008


And we're baaaaaaack.

Thanksgiving break was nice, but went too fast, as always. I am thankful that we decided to drive home on Saturday because yesterday there was snow & freezing rain, so that would have made our drive pretty suck-o-la. As it was, we made it home in 7 hours and had a nice, relaxing Saturday evening and Sunday at home. The boys were visibly happy to be home, and Jim and I used the time to sog on the couch and lounge. I reread the best parts of Breaking Dawn. Looking forward to seeing the Twilight movie this week! I may even see it more than once. :)

Other than that, there's not much happening. I'm sitting here at my desk at work, waiting for the onslaught. Crazy Coworker will be in shortly, as will my boss, who apparently has a cold (joy). I'm sure everyone will be especially annoying since they had five full days to dream up more perceived flaws with the office. Maybe it'll be the copier sucking in more than one page at a time, or the coffee machine hissing too loudly, or the fact that they still don't know how to use their new phones and are too lazy to read the manual. Who knows? What I do know is that it'll be annoying and tiresome.

But, I digress. I'm feeling a wee bit inspired today. Creative, even. I'm hopeful that I can actually get off my duff and write someth-- oh look! A penny! Hmmm, maybe I am the easily distractable type.

Happy Monday, all!

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Mala said...

Greetings from Maynard, MA (really W.T.F.)
Since you mentiond movies, saw 'Boy in the Stripped Pajamas'. It was really good. My kind of movie; well written, no special effects, great acting. I felt the need to take in more movie greatness so I committed 3+ hours to watch 'Sunshine', another great no-one's-ever-heard-of-it film. And I'm not saying I loved it only because my dearly beloved Ralph Fiennes not only stars in it, but plays 3 different characters (oh and it's such a good movie I don't need to mention he's also nude in no less than 3 scenes). No really, it's an amazing epic tale. And I love me some epic dramas.