Monday, December 22, 2008


Another lovely Monday morning has arrived! My weekend was beyond dull for two reasons, one of which is a result of my nemesis, Mother Nature, and the other because of my own mild case of idiocy.

Firstly, on the idiocy front, on Friday afternoon I allegedly left the overhead light on in my car and ran down the battery. So, my car sat like a statue in the garage all weekend because we were too lazy to deal with it. Oh, and apparently automatic transmission Hondas cannot be put into neutral so you can push 'em out of said garage to be jump-started. Who knew?

Well, technically you can, but it involves sticking your key in a special no-no hole in the steering column, giving it a counter-clockwise swirl, and stopping precisely when you get to the sign that says, "Rib Tips." Or something like that. Suffice to say, the manual was far too complicated for me, so I didn't bother.

Secondly, that smug bitch Mother Nature was at it again. There was no pause between the two snow storms that each dumped about a foot of the white fluffy crap on us. It just snowed and snowed and snowed. It's all good - it's winter in New England, and I do expect snow from time to time. However, I didn't realize that my minivan would become such an albatross in the snow. The thing can't get out of its own way. For reals. I am going to be investing in some bad-ass sanded, studded, glass-embedded snow tires.

All's well that ends well, of course. The weekend was a nice chance to catch up with my (clearly insane) oldest son and (perpetually sticky) toddler, do a little readin', a little writin' (I'm up to 106 pages, people!), and a lot of soggin'. Jim invested in a little car charger thingie and got me restarted this morning, so all's well there. The Metallic Pea rides again.

Oh, and crazy coworker called in "snow" today, so I just have to deal with the nutty boss as he flies around and tries to get ready to leave for his vacation this afternoon. Huzzah! Two more days till my mini vacay! Then, two-day workweek next week, and another little vacay! Life is good.

If you're still reading this rambling piece of garbage, I salute you! You're awesome, intelligent, and shockingly good-looking. And don't you forget it.

Have a good one!


Mala said...

When shall I book our tickets to LA then? I've been especially salivating about it whilst watching the white shit blind out my yard.

Anonymous said...

I am always reading.

I empathize with your snowy life. We just broke an over 100-year snow record for December in ND.

The white shit, indeed. ;)