Saturday, December 6, 2008

So, the according to my new "spiritual adviser,"

I need to quit my "soul-sucking" job immediately and go surround myself with books in some capacity. She suggested working part-time in a bookstore or library so that I could have time to write, or do some freelance writing. She had me visualize putting the words on the page and being paid to write and seeing my audience love my work....

She told me my spirit guides and the angels around me were cheering me on wholeheartedly; that they want me to find joy in my work again and do what I was always meant to do.

Huh. (I can hear some of you rolling your eyes right now. S'ok, I feel a little bit the same way)

That's cool and all, but somehow I don't think I can leave my admittedly craptastic job to go work part-time at Barnes & Noble (hi, Lisa!!) considering I have to, ya know, pay bills and feed my kids and all. But, it was nice that she affirmed me (her words) and encouraged me and felt as strongly about my work situation as I do. LOL!

She even gave me a tarot card with an illustration of "expectations," which is nice. I will keep it near my computer for inspiration!

Mala's reading was equally vague, I think, but the psychic did nail her spirit animal, identifying a horse right off the bat. For anyone who doesn't know, Mala's a certifiable horse nut who runs a boarding stable, gives riding lessons, etc. Pretty cool! My spirit animal was a dove, indicating my need to find peace in all areas of my life.

It was a different experience, and one that I am glad I had. It was emotional at times and I was surprised that I cried at one point, but it was kind of an intense thing. Afterwards I had a dull headache and felt off-balance for a while, so I had a little reiki head rub while Mala had her reading, and felt a little better. I just got home and burned some of the white sage I bought and now I feel very new-agey. :)

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