Monday, January 5, 2009

Angry blogging

Let me preface this post with the following caveat: I'm in a foul mood, and I dislike my work intensely. I also don't feel good, and it's my first day back after 5 days off. That being said, I don't think it would take much to push me off into the deep end right about now, so this particularly curmudgeonly client just reeeeeeally got under my skin.

Is there any phrase more infuriating than "you people?"

WTF does that mean? I hold a personal grudge against people who use that expression. I just had a client bitching to me about something my boss didn't do before going on his vacation (shocking, I know!) and he actually said, "This is costing me money because of you people."

Look, dickhead, I'm a pee-on. I answer his damn phone. When have I ever cost you money? "You people."

You just made the list, buddy!


Jill said...

oooh - I'm right with you about the "you people" dringing me right UP the wall - that is one of my major pet peeves

Ck said...

That's right up there with people saying "we" need to do this, that or other thing when they really mean "you".

Mala said...

Poor Bevers! Didn't you reply by saying "I'm sick and you people keep calling and making me answer this freakin' phone!"

Damn bastard. I'm still anxiously waiting for the New Year's pics. Can't you just leave the phone off the hook. At least until you leave for home?

Bev said...

CK, my boss is FAMOUS for using the Royal "we." As in, "Can we call the home office and ask them..." I'm always thinking, "Sure! Go ahead. I'll wait right here." But I'm a sarcastic bitch, and we know this. ;)

Mala & Jill, I promise to get those pics out just as soon as I can! I'm feeling better, but got preoccupied setting up my new laptop last night, so no pics yet. Muuuaaahaaaahaaaaa! (of course, I seem to remember Jilly snapping a few, as well... so there'll be more embarrassment there, surely).