Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Evil hunks of demonic plastic

LS is 16 months old now and still uses his binky at night while sleeping, though we're trying to keep them out of his mouth during waking hours. Trouble is, he thinks it's hilarious to throw said binkies and say, "Uh oh!" at any opportunity. I'd waiger that we have at least 25 binkies lurking somewhere in the house. Finding those binkies is proving to be troublesome at best, absolutely maddening at worst.

He's also cutting all four of his his eye teeth right now. Wicked fun.

Yesterday he bit the one binky we could find clear in half. We searched high and low for another one, all for naught. "No binky!" We declared. Tonight, Babychild will sleep sans binky.

It did not go well. He was up at 3 AM, screaming. Jim went to soothe him, and we were all up and down until DH finally relented and got up with him at 4:30.

I've decided that these things are pure evil. I refuse to buy another one, EVER, so it looks like we're in for a couple more sleepless nights until he gets used to not having one. I think we'll go with some ibuprofin for the teething pain and go from there. Highly irritating - I am not someone who does well on minimal sleep. I actually do best on about 9 uninterupted hours/night, not that that has been possible for the past 5 years or so....

So, that's what's new in our neck o' the woods today. I'm tired.


Jill said...

aaah - the stress of the pacifier.. Evette still isn't willing to dispense with hers so we haven't made a big deal about it... yet... I've noticed that when she doesn't have it for a bit I catch her chomping on her thumb, and personally I'd rather let her have the pacifier at night so that I can take it away some day (funny how everyone tends to have different opinions on those EHDP's)

Bev said...

Well, we're on day two of cold turkey, and so far, so good! He woke up at 4 AM today and went back to sleep on his own (?!), which is unusual but we sure didn't argue!! Then, he slept until 6, which is actually GOOD for him! So, I'm hoping we made the right call on ditching it early. He was missing it yesterday afternoon, but we ignored his fussing and he finally figured out that it just wasn't happening. Now I just need to prepare for when he FINDS one of the evil things somewhere and sticks it in his mouth. I know he has a secret stash somewhere!!

Pam said...

Yay for day 2 being better.

I am in teething hell right now too. Both boys are cutting all 4 eye teeth. Gavin has 3 of the 4 popped out and Matty only has 1...HELP ME.

Anonymous said...

Aww...Bev. We gave up the binky a couple of months ago also cold turkey and Mia was 2.5..LOL. Hang in there you can do it!


Heather said...

Bev - I love your blog! We are right there with you on the pacifier issue. I think that our little guy will have his until he goes to kindergarten.