Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finally - The big NYE post!

And it only took me 7 days. (blushing)

Okay, so Mala assured me that I was "snapping pictures like a paparazzi" on New Year's Eve, but I didn't get nearly as many pics as I thought. Huh. Anywho, the ones I got are instant classics, IMO!

On a side note: For some reason our youngest kiddos weren't in any pics. The babies went to bed, so I get that, but where the eff is Beck?? I guess he was too busy eating Cream Puffs with Anne to have his picture taken? :)

Without further ado, here are the pics.

Hmmm... maybe if I tried, I could get another one of my chins in this shot:

LOBSTAH!!! How cool are we, having lobster on New Year's?

A. rockin' the drums

Try the wine!

Girls just wanna have fun:

Dirty girls:

M. channels Dee Snider!

The kids had Sparkling Cider, I swear! (total blackmail photo, huh?)
Oh, and I think you can see that my son gets his complexion from my side of the family. Casper the Ghost is actually my great-uncle.

I always try to get couple shots right around midnight, with varying results. These came out great, IMO, except for the host & hostess (ahem). Hey, it's my party and I'll get drunk if I want to!




And after about 5 botched attempts at getting a couple shot of me & my honey the photog just gave up, so we're going with this:

And finally, R. the Giant!

A great time was had by all! We always enjoy our New Year's Eve gathering, but this year was particularly fun! Maybe it was Rock Band (no I can't sing, but did that stop me? Hell to the no!), maybe it was just a good blend of friends, or maybe it was all the booze? All I know is that we had a fabulous time! 2009 is off to a great start!


Mala said...

Oh those are precious!!!! Danny rocking the guitar WHILE still holding his champagne glass, I see a bright future for that boy!
Thanks for the rockin' NYE!

Jill said...

I love reading your posts! That was so much fun - and nobody ever likes pictures of themselves (here I was thinking that I was the one who looked, well, uh, we'll just leave that one alone). Thanks again for including us!

Ck said...

Danny has the rockstar sneer down pat!!!

LOVE your new header. Looks great!

dan said...

casper the ghost fun stoff here