Sunday, January 4, 2009

I got nothin'.

I's sick, y'all.

I was massively lethargic on Thursday, but I chalked it up to being a trifle hung-over from the New Year's Eve festivities. Then, Friday, the sore throat kicked in, and now I'm in a world of pain. I think it must be Strep throat because I can't even swallow saliva (I'm so pretty!) and my glands are so swollen I look like a bullfrog. Oh, and then there's the fever.

So, you'll all have to wait patiently to see the scenes of revelry that went along with the 2008 Rockin' Eve party. It was certainly rockin', but I disapprove of starting this year off with antibiotics! BOO! However, this amount of pain (mass quantities of ibuprofin do nothing) merits PAIN MEDS, in my book. So there's that. By this afternoon I hope to be fully medicated and numb to all things painful. Assuming the nurse at DH-Manchester ever calls me BACK! Yeesh! I'm dyin' here!

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Mala said...

Oh NO! Does that mean our world tour will be cancelled!!!!!

You have to protect those pipes!