Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I'm so glad I have the day off tomorrow. I feel like I'm behind in everything right now! LS is still sick, so I'm getting the royal bitch treatment from the daycare workers every morning (well, just that one nasty jackass I'm used to getting attitude from, but she has amped it up to "11" this week). I am glad that I can keep him home tomorrow, at least, so I don't have to miss yet another day of work. Poor buddy - this Hand-Foot-Mouth virus is icky.

Last week we forgot to do BS's homework, and I thought, "Oops, oh well, we'll just get back on track next week." So this morning when his teacher asked if we had it (4 days late?!) I was flabbergasted. At a loss, again. I just cannot keep up. Then there are the umpteen million "projects" the daycare always wants to do. "Today is bring a puzzle day!" or "Bring in a baby picture and a current picture by Thursday!" or "Bring in a can of beef broth for some crappy soup we're making as a special project" or "We're doing a new thing where the parents supply the snack for all the kids. It's your turn today!" GAH! They're killin' me!

What I wouldn't do to not have to deal with daycare. Seriously. Next year BS will be in public school, and I'm not sure where LS will go yet. I might keep him where he is, but considering that I'm not nuts about the room he's in or the room that's next after this, and considering how much I hate the nasty bully bitch who works there, well... we're playing it by ear.

Anyway, I just need a day (or a month) to catch up! My (clean) laundry is piled up like a mini Everest in my bedroom, and today I was scrounging for clean work pants... fun. Let's just hope LS makes it through this day without me getting the dreaded phone call....

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Mala said...

Holy Crap! And you actually pay for that abuse!
Tell them it "I'm freakin' lucky I got my kid here dressed so STFU Day"
Yeah, I like Beck's preschool. They're the totally laid back, lowered expectation-kind of folks. They don't bitch at me if I forget Beck's sleeping bag for the umpteenth time and I don't say a word when they admit they didn't want to bother to get the kids suited up to bring them outside... again. It's all good.