Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The doctor called yesterday to tell me the rapid strep test was wrong! I DO/DID have Strep Throat! HA! Now I don't feel so bad for being such a baby last weekend when I thought I was dying.

DH, of course, never went to the doctor for his severe sore throat (which he then passed on to me), so now he has another flu-kind of cold and has been sweating through the sheets each night with fever. It's like sleeping next to a space heater! Now that the doc has confirmed my own self-diagnosis, DH has finally agreed to go get treated. Men!

The good news is that I am feeling much, much better. It's amazing how fast the antibiotics kick in. Just two more days of doses and I'll be right as rain.

Even better news? I have today off from work, and Hubby's school got canceled because of our icky weather! So far, the power's still on (praying it stays that way), so I'm a happy camper! I think we'll send the boys to the school for the morning, anyway. We need to clean this house, take naps, and maybe I'll even have time to do a little more writing in PEACE! Things are lookin' up!

Have a good one!

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Jo said...

I am glad the meds have kicked in and you are feeling a little better.