Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well, that explains it. Yesterday was a FULL MOON. No wonder I felt off all day! I have always felt a bit tied to the phases of the moon, as odd as that sounds. It's true that the full moon sometimes brings out the crazies. I remember when I was a waitress at Nectar's bar in Burlington - if ever I had a weird night filled with strange encounters and crazy bar patrons, I'd later realize that it was a full moon night.

My parents like to tell me about how when I was a little kid (age 3 or 4), I'd sit outside on the porch in my pajamas and talk to the moon. I called it, "Mouse." My dad says I'd sit there and gaze up at the moon and say, "Moooooouuuuse! Can't see. Can't hear. Mooooouuuuuse!"

So, you see, I've always been loonie. ;)

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