Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lots of things to do today...

Yet I'm stuck at work, with no work to do....

Seriously, I know this isn't a bad problem to have, per se, but I am 100% caught up on my work and my boss is out at a conference ALL day, so unless clients call with crises for me to handle, I have nothing to occupy my time this work day. Worse yet, I have a million and one things I need to get done before we all hop on a plane tomorrow after work and go to Philly for the wedding!

It's a rather helpless feeling, being trapped like this. I'm coping by making list upon list and plotting many errands during my lunch break.

As I have mentioned, I've resolved not to truly bitch about my craptastic office job during these trying economic times. I am grateful for a steady paycheck that does not require any real brain power and allows me to only work 4 days/week. It's all good - there's certainly more to me than my JOB and I will not be defined by my Office Space existence, after all. It's just what I do 30 hrs/week to pull in some income. It doesn't say anything at all about who I am or what is important to me.

So, this isn't a real complaint - this is just a general, "this sucks!" moment. ;) I'd just rather be doing monotonous housework and packing than be shackled to my desk today!

In other news, BS hit his head at school yesterday and has a MASSIVE egg right smack in the middle of his forehead. D'oh! He is totally our kid. Trust BS to get a giant bruise right before the family pictures that will be displayed for many years to come! He's okay, though, and unphased by the lump. It's smaller today and turning a lovely shade of purple.... The good news is, I think his bangs will cover it.

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