Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rich people are annoying

Ok, so I'm back from the wedding extravaganza. It went well, and everything was lovely. I'll post about that once I get my pictures off of the camera and have something to show for the whole she-bang.

For now, I must rant and rave just a wee bit about something unrelated.

I'm irritated because I missed one of my boss's emails this morning. Once in a while, one of our idiotic clients writes a giant check or uses their debit card for something without making sure they have enough money in the account first. When that happens, the home office sends us an email and we have to move money around and respond by 12 PM Central time (1 PM our time) or they'll bounce the check. Well, this morning boss left at 10:45 for a meeting, and I checked his email at 11:20 to see if we had anything to cover. Apparently, this notice came in at 11:25. (banging head against wall). So, because some entitled piece of shit wrote a $3,000 check without, oh, I don't know, making sure they had MONEY in that account first... I'm up shit's creek without a paddle. Now boss and I have to kiss their butts and fall over ourselves apologizing because THEY'RE dumbasses who just assume they have cash to spend. Nice.

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Mala said...

WHAT!? Geesh, why don't people kiss my ass when I eff-up?!