Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bad kitty! BAD!

Yesterday when I opened the car to load up the kidlets for school, the cat greeted us. Apparently the night before when we'd been unloading groceries he had jumped in and gotten himself trapped overnight.

I said a little prayer that he hadn't had to relieve himself all night and went about the morning's business.

Later that day, when I opened my car door after work, I realized that he HAD relieved himself in the car. And how! The unmistakable stench of cat pee smacked me in the face and I immediately crumbled. My day was ruined! There is no smell in this world that I hate more than cat pee, and now my freaking CAR smelled like a traveling litter box! Curse that mangey animal! Curse him!

For those who don't know, this cat & I aren't exactly on the best of terms. He's the dumbest animal I've EVER known, for starters, and he has this long hair that gets everywhere and requires actual maintenance on my part (we shave him once a year to relieve his "natty dreads"), and he has mutant extra claws that he uses on everything and everyone. He has never seen an open door that he doesn't want to go through, so he gets trapped a lot because you never SEE him go in. Oh, and if his litter box is too dirty for his liking, he craps right on the rug outside the box. He pretty much contributes nothing to our family life, but we're stuck with him.

ANYWAY, my day was ruined, and I actually shed a tear or two out of sheer self-pity. I called DH and said, "I don't deserve to have a car that smells like cat pee! Why me? I try to be a good person, I take care of my animals, why DH? Why?"

LOL... dramatic? Moi? Naaaaaah.

The good news is that DH was able to locate the Lake Michigan-sized puddle in the back seat area and remove the floor mat, so the car is relatively unscathed. I just need to buy new floor mats now, which is do-able.

But I still hate that freaking cat.

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Mala said...

Oh that sucks. Cat piss is right up there with sour milk (which thanks to the hubster, my car smelled like for an entire summer!)