Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bored outta my gourd

Yes, I am.

I guess that busy stretch at work was short-lived. I am even done with all of the tedious crap that I routinely put off doing until the last possible moment....

And soon CAJ will leave for the day and Boss will likely come out to occupy her vacant seat. He just loves sitting 4 ft. away from me when I have NOTHING to do and can't even pretend to look busy. Sigh. I think he just gets lonely back in his spacious, empty office. Poor thing.

Aaaaanywho, I need to find something to occupy my time. I've already mapped out my vacation time for the rest of the year, balanced my checkbook (broke as a joke), and counted yesterday's and today's calories on (stubborn fricking body still won't lose an ounce even at 1400 calories/day and -400 burned at the gym! W...T...F?!).

I'm stalking my email inbox and have read every gossip blog I dare look at while at the office. Which reminds me - why do most of my favorite celeb gossip sites have that effing Sugar DVD ad with the two skank whores looking at each other lustfully?? It grosses me out and I'm SO SICK of looking at it. It's bad enough that I can't even visit Perez Hilton due to his excessive doodles of penises and jizz and stars wetting their pants in little trickling streams. Dude needs to step away from Microsoft Paint if he expects me to bring that site up at work. It's a shame, too, because he's always quick with the RPattz pics, and you know mama like those. ;)

Well, that wasted a good solid 5 minutes of time. What can I do next...? Hmmm....

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Samsmama said...

I get a kick out of readin "The Superficial". I also (ashamed) watch "The Real Housewives", so I read their blogs. Facebook is always a good time killer. It's really too bad you can't look at porn. Oh well. There's a few ideas for you.