Monday, March 16, 2009

Dear Indian Guy in the office next to mine,

Your lunch stinks. Not just a little bit, but a really really lot.

Now, I like Indian food a bunch, but that... well, whatever that is doesn't even smell edible. It's so bad, that when you ate it on Friday I thought it was the smell of my boss burping up something disgusting, and Joe even came out and asked me what that smell was. Then, we sprayed room spray and laughed about how gross my boss was for burping up disgusting food in my presence.

Now, I feel badly for thinking it was him, because he's not here, but you are. And the stench keeps getting stronger and stronger. And I think I might die from the smell of it, so I can't imagine that it is doing your insides any good by ingesting it.

I only say this because I care. Well, I care about the fact that I'm breathing in something completely rank and vile, but still. This is me, caring.


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Samsmama said...

Gross! That's just nasal assault. I once worked with a lady who often brought leftover salmon for lunch. The whloe place reeked all day.