Thursday, March 12, 2009


I got my very first anonymous hater comment today. Woo-freakin-hoo! I guess I have finally arrived as a blogger.

Apparently someone who wished to remain nameless read my comment about no-talent assclown Clay Aiken (a comment that I made here on my own personal blog containing nothing but my very own opinions and ideas, mind you) and decided that the reason I don't like Clay Aiken is because he's gay. Or, more specifically, that I think he shouldn't have any fans because he's gay.

(pardon me while I try to stop my eyes from compulsively rolling back in their sockets)

I think maybe someone missed my point; I don't hate him because he's gay, I hate him because I think his music sucks. Also, I think it's funny that some women slobber over him when he's clearly not interested.

But hey, it sure was nice of Anonymous to stop by to tell me I was "trying too hard to be cool." Awesome. Thanks for taking a couple of moments out of your busy day of yelling at waitresses, kicking puppies, and luring jailbait into your van to seek out the blog of someone you don't know and try to ruin their day! You obviously rock! Good luck being you!

On that note, my regulahs may notice that I have painstakingly gone through and deleted all of my family member's names. Sorry to make things more confusing for you, but obviously, the ol' blogaroonie has attracted a crazy or two. Well, crazies we don't know, that is. So, going forward, BS = Big Son, LS = Little Son, DH = Dear Husband, and all of my friend's kids will be referred to by their initials only. I've also changed my location to the more generic "New England."



Ck said...

Mean people do suck. I had this happen on my blog last fall and ended up having to change the address because I was being cyber-stalked by the director of special ed's daughter.
Repeat after me...."It's MY blog and I'll say what I want to, say what I want to, say what I want to...."
And now I've just given you more fodder for your next installment of music you hate! LOL

Pam said...

OK, how hilarious that you got a hater over Clay. Of all the things to get a hater over...CLAY?? Seriously??

Mala said...

To my Beveroni, Keep on keepin' on! I know you won't let some asshat make you think twice about saying what's on your mind and tellin' it like it is. I for one love your little corner on the blogosphere.
To any and all asshat, anon or otherwise mindless commenters; This is BEV'S BLOG, as in Bev's ideas, Bev's thoughts, Bev's stories and any other entertaining Beverisms. Don't like it? Well then, familiarize yourself to that little "x" up there in the top right hand corner. CLICK IT! Because Bev is entertaining, witty, intelligent and a virtual Goddess of snark; qualities, for certain, you can not relate to.

Jim Jenkins said...

Luring jailbait into her van. . .Ouch! This person does not know with whom she's dealing. I love my little Carrie Heffernan!

Bev said...

Thank you, ladies & Jim!

Oops, there goes my newfound resolution to use no real family member names....