Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kids say the darndest things.

Today BS's teacher pulled me aside to tell me about a funny thing he had said yesterday in class. They're working on the letter "V", and the teacher asked them to come up with words that started with V. She asked him directly, and he hesitated and thought for a second, then said... wait for it....



My kid? Really?

The teacher laughed it off because she said a lot of kids just make up words like that when put on the spot, but I was a bit embarrassed. I swear, despite my proclivity for colorful language here and elsewhere, I don't drop the F bomb around my kids and neither does DH! Apparently, when the teacher pressed him as for meaning and how he'd use it in a sentence, he was at a loss. No idea.

Also, a couple of weeks ago he came home telling me that *kid who will remain nameless* at school had been put in time out for saying the F word. And then he added, "Oh, and mom, what is the F word?" LMAO!



Jo said...

LOL! That is hilarious!

Samsmama said...

That is too funny! For some reason, I really thought "vagina" was going to make an appearance.
I'm going to start using the word "vuck". I think I can get it to stick.

Bev said...

Samsmama, you're the second person today who has told me they thought he'd come out with va-jay-jay! However, my kid knows no correct anatomical names. I'm horrible like that. He's going to call things "tinkler" (his word, not mine) and "hearts" (breasts - don't ask me - I just never corrected him) until he's horribly embarrassed in high school health class someday. :D

Samsmama said...

"Hearts". That's sweet!

My kid knows the word "vagina" but I swear he thinks I'm making it up. He insists that I have a penis but that it's up in my stomach. Nice.