Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our day with Pigpen

So yesterday Mala and I took our two oldest kids to an event which featured all kinds of locally grown & made goods & services. It was fun, but as soon as we got there we both smelled something icky. It smelled, to be perfectly frank, like cow poop. We kind of laughed it off and said that there must be some product in the vacinity that smelled like manure, but the smell kept coming back no matter where we went. We were both sniffing ourselves and our respective children, but couldn't pinpoint the source.

It wasn't until it got so bad that I felt like I was standing next to an open portapotty on a hot summer day that I finally cornered my son and checked his underwear to see what was going ON down there.

It was totally him. Holy SKIDMARKS, Batman!

Ew. He must've been "sharting" all the livelong day. Then, on the way home, it got even worse and we were rolling down the windows to keep our eyes from watering. So we get home, and he takes a shower. Problem solved, right? Not really. I don't know what was going on with that boy because within half an hour he walked into the room and his little stink cloud followed him. Really nice ambiance for the dinner party we were having. (slapping forehead)

*sigh* Kids.


Mala said...

We all know how the D-man hates to excuse himself from a good time to take care of his bid-ness. And who can blame him?
Had an awesome time. Thank you for the wonderful 5-bottles-o'wine dinner!
Good times!
By the way, if you can coax your ailing camera to download those pictures, I promise I'll change my FB pic.

Harmony said...

Oh freaking hilarious, I mean unfortunate is that? My oldest son has decided that his, passing of gas, needs to be shared with the world too...and he is forever going in with the silent type. It's only funny until people start gagging LOL.

You killed me with "Holy SKIDMARKS, Batman!"

Samsmama said...

I absolutely adore the fact that you mentioned you guys were sniffing yourselves!

And "sharting" is one of our favorite words around here!

Bev said...

Mala - Will do! The camera's toast, but I think I can get those lovely pics off of it before I send it on its way to the trash bin.

Harmony - I love how kids think it's totally ok to announce their farts. I mean, wouldn't it be way more interesting if adults did that? Ha!!

Samsmama - Hey, stranger things have happened! You always have the potential to smell badly when you have kids, right? :)

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

my son is 5 and i often say "OMG WHAT IS THAT SMELL?" when he's around. and i'll even ask, "BB, did you fart?" he always replies with a sheepish, "noooo... it was BABY SISTER!" or something like that.

anyway, most of the time i come to find out that he's got a giant pile of unwiped turd his underpants OR huge SKIDMARKS in there.

boys are just gross... end of story!!!

raskal said...

Bev - funniest post yet!

Bev said...

MOFM - LMAO! How do they walk around like that? Ugh - that must be sooo uncomfortable!

Lisa - thank you!! :)