Monday, April 20, 2009

Back on the chain gang

Aside: I just realized that I always seem to use songs in my post titles... wasn't intentional, but now it kind of is. :)

Happy Monday, ladies & germs! Hope everyone is fine & dandy this fine morning. I'm back at work, but my boss is out at a BoSox game all day and - you guessed it - I'm all caught up with my work, so here I sit. Chillin' like a villain...and hours to kill before I rest.

So, I'm gonna share some pics of the big b-day bash we had on Saturday. We had a great time, and I'm so glad that a lot of our kids' parents are also our friends because the party definitely evolved into something more rockin' as the day progressed. After the kids retired upstairs to trash my bedroom and watch movies, the "adults" whooped it up, played some Rock Band, and discovered that I don't even own shot glasses anymore. What has become of Fun Bev? Whatever. We made do.

Here are some highlights:

The pinata was really a high point. The kids really seemed to get into beating the tar outta SpongeBob. Go figure.

Cake! I ordered this cake, sight unseen, and asked for a SpongeBob with music theme. Heh. This one is getting sent into Cake Wrecks, for sure. The good news is, it was delicious.

Mala took this one, and it's my favorite from the whole day. Oh, the excitement of a Star Wars backpack!

Does this next one qualify as photobombing?

Our all-girl band got the festivities going while the menfolk stayed outside with all of the kids. We have our husbands well-trained, obviously. Look for our band, "The Easy Mamas," at a karaoke bar near you! Btw, there were waaaay more pics of this, but those are goin' in the vault. I'll just give you the musical stylings of Mala (left) and Laurie (right) for now:

Last but not least, the kids weren't the only ones on a sugar high, right Jill?!

A good time was had by all. The invite might've said 12-2 PM, but that clearly meant 12-11 PM. Woot! Today is the big guy's actual birthday. I can't believe my kid is SIX! Where has the time gone?


Frank Irwin said...

Sponge Bob, starfish!

Bev said...

Hiya Frank! Yessiree, nothing says SpongeBob like a giant amoebic starfish!

Samsmama said...

I want to leave a great comment about what a fun weekend, great pictures, cute kids, I'm glad the party was fun, but I'm at a loss. Because, seriouly, what is up with that cake? And now, I've got C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G running through my head.

Harmony said...

Happy Birthday to your little man!

I love those types of parties that go late into the night. Love your Rockband name.

Bev said...

S&M/Sassafrass - You've stumbled onto my goal in life: to subtly plant random songs into your head while seemingly just showing some pics of my sugared-up rugrats. :D

Thanks, Harmony! The Easy Mamas rule!

Samsmama said...

Nice! And I'd been looking forward to having The Pretenders in my head but, NOOOOOO.

Jo said...

Happy Birthday to your little man! The party sounds like it was a huge success. I am glad a great time was had by all. 12-11? That is my kind of party. :-)

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

happy birthday to your adorable little sweetie man (i call BB sweetie man, therefore all beautiful little boys are called sweetie man)!!!

i need to work on the well-trained husband thing. WTF?!

we have a 5yr old bday party this saturday that will go until all hours. everyone has to have THAT group of friends who know how to party. :)

Cary said...

How easy?

Mala said...

Ahhh, good times indeed! My gawd that cake is still cracking me up! Is the cyrrilic lettering at the bottom? WTF? And of course the spackled feature-less starfish. Effing precious! It was tasty though.

PS Thanks for not including the picture of Morgan holding Mommy's beer! (I may not have my husband trained, but the children do just fine!)

Linda said...

Glad the cake tasted good. (wtf?!?)

Happy Birthday to your little man. :)

(my word verification is bever. huh!)

Bev said...

SMA - (see, it's like S&M and Ma all in one) - Well, *I* was thinking of the Pretenders, so if you got off-track, it's all you!!

Jo - thanks!! Wish you could haev come, but that's a helluva commute!

MOFM - Thank you!! I call him lots of things like that, too, but mostly I just call him "Lovey." I wonder when he'll start hating that? Too bad, he's stuck with it! And yes - we're totally "those kinds of friends." Just ask our friend Ric, who, I'm sure, is STILL hung over (and blaming me! Wtf?) Ha!

Cary - extremely.

Mala - believe me, if I'd had that bad boy, it would be SO posted! But, I think it's on Jill's camera.

Linda - HI! It's been a while, lady! Best word verif EVER! And yes, the cake was a yummy confection disguised as a blob of malformed brown frosting. Cake Wrecks, here I come!

Jill said...

OMG - I now have a picture to choose as my face for these posts! (I have no shame) - I gotta say that Sat was the best kiddo party I've ever been to! (oh, and Mala...I just need to get batteries into my camera so I can download my pictures and Bev will have them - teehee)

jessica o said...

What the FUCKIN FUCK! Why come I'm just now gittin this?!

Okay, I don't know who she is, but I love the little girl slupmed over in a swing that she's clearly outgrown.

My kids' birthday parties NEVER go over the two hour limit. Their friends' parents suck it.