Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The camera's swan song

I salvaged the memory card from my busted camera and found some truly hysterical shit. Apparently putting away 5 bottles of wine in a 4-hour period causes you to think you're Tyra fucking Banks on location with America's Next Top Model.


Mala can't raise on eyebrow without tactual assistance, whereas I can, but end up looking like a drunken pirate in the process. Arrrr, mateys!

In the next shot, Mala's doing her patented "sexy face," her daughter M. is totally photobombing us, and I'm saying "prune" like an Olsen twin.

Shoot, I think Mala's face got stuck in "sexy face" mode! I didn't get the memo and was back in "I'm druuuuunk & inordinately happy" mode. Oops.

Yes, our teeth are slightly purple. Your eyes do not deceive you.

And these are the pictures that I didn't delete and deny ever existed.

Right after this picture was taken, I dropped the camera and it went night-night forever.

The End.


Harmony said...

LOL...these are great. Nothing better than taking pictures while being drunk! They make the best memories.

Samsmama said...

I absolutely ADORE the fact that you two got shitty, during the day, and took pictures...with her daughter! Good god, I am laughing so hard right now...

Mala said...

No, no, that's not my sexy face! That's the look my face makes when it is suffering from a wine-induced parlysis! Ugh.
Thanks for the memories Pop Eye!

Mala said...

I don't think Morgan was photo-bombing. I think she was just annoyed that I'm her Mom.

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

BAAAAhahahaha! omfg, these are hilarious! the picture with mala's gorgeous kid in it is the funniest, by far!

a long time ago, a group of my soccer chick friends and i hung out, ate dinner and drank lots of wine. then we decided that we were going to go out to the local pool bar and play pool. one of the girls drank a bottle of red wine by herself, and her lips and teeth were purple. not one for hygiene, we had to force her to brush her teeth before we left the house for the bar.

Bev said...

Harmony - I'm a shutterbug under the best of circumstances, but give me a drink or two (or, um, five) and fuggetaboudit!

Samsmama - Just to clarify, this was last Saturday NIGHT, and our respective husbands were with us to help us put away those 5 bottles of wine. Though, to be honest, I think Mala & I definitely did the most damage. ;)

Mala - LMAO @ "popeye!" You suck!

MOFM - Awesome!! I love red wine so much, it's ridiculous. I'm amazed my teeth ever go back to somewhat whiteness at this point!

Samsmama said...

My bad, I thought this was your infamous "daytime drunk" where your husband had to come get you.

The end.

Cary said...

Mala's channeling Toni Collette a little bit in that last pic.

Mala said...

Oh hell no! First the Progressive girl, now Toni Collette. Today sucks!

Bev said...

Hey, I like Toni Collette, Mala! I think she's pretty, too. She is amazing in United States of Tara.

Harmony said...

Yay!...I love The United States of Tara. She truly is amazing, and? I never noticed how pretty she can be before that show. Smoking body!