Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Come to mama!

The new poster for New Moon is making the rounds, and HELLO. Photoshopped? Sure, but who cares?

Even though I pretty much hated that book, I hope you know that I'll be front & center next November, elbowing annoying tweens out of my way as need be. I will cut a bitch for blocking my view of the hotness! Not even kidding. Ok, maybe a little.

Ugh... today is dragging. I don't want to be at work, and my boss is being annoying as hell. I mean, he expects me to do work and shit. The nerve! What I want to do is go home and do laundry, because I'm wild and crazy like that. Ok, not really. Mostly I just want to avoid having to hunt high and low for a clean pair of Toy Story underwear tomorrow morning at 7 AM, like I did today.

What? All of my Barbie undies were dirty!

Oh, and while I'm wallowing in my immaturity, I have to mention that Charlaine Harris's next installment of the Sookie Stackhouse novels comes out in early May, and the next season of True Blood starts up in June on HBO. Looks like I'm going back to the 'BO, cause I can't miss it. I just can't. I won't!

Anywhoooo.... Better get back to it. These Share Class Analyzers aren't gonna analyze themselves, people! Good thing, too, 'cause then I'd be out of a job. Latah!


jessica o said...

Twilight? Really? That's all I got. Later!

PorkStar said...

lol I can't seem to get through today either... this funk was supposed to last Monday only but it filtered through today and it has me all sorts of .... cranky.

Nothing or no one to come out and play during work hours because, well, I think there's that little bug called adult-hood crap that I've been trying to un-wedge from the crack of my ass, without any success.

Bev said...

JessO - I know! It's my dirty little secret, except, I'm really up front about it. :D I think I've made it clear that I HAVE NO SHAME when it comes to entertainment, in all its various forms and sources.

PorkStar - hiya! Good luck getting that thing unwedged. Try some Benefiber - that stuff's the shit. Literally! Not that I'd know.... (eek, I just made myself snort with laughter over that. Crazy!)

Steph said...

@Jessica O-Face - WHATEVAH! rpattz is frigging HAWT, yo.


I'm with you, Bev. The books were crazy and sucktastic, but you will find my big butt comfortably plopping into a seat for the movies. Because rpattz is hawt. And so is Jacksper (except I hope he looks less constipated in the next movies).

Bev said...

Steph!!! YAY! Thank you for backing me up with the Twi-love! Those books are hilariously awful, but I somehow still loved them. I read them all in a week; let's face it, it's not heavy mental lifting, eh? But whatever. Who says reading has to make you smarter? Pshaw! It's like junk food: Twizzlers aren't good for me either, but I still love those little fuckers!

Steph said...

FOR. SRS. Missy and I have discussed the power of smeyer at length. I postulated that smeyer sold her soul to Satan so he'd put mindcrack into her words. You know the shit is bad. You know you should stop. But you can't. Because of the satanic mindblow.

Plus? rpattz is hawt. Not that that has anything to do with the books, but it can't be stated enough really.

Bev said...

1. You're totally onto something as far as smeyer goes. There's definitely something crack-tastic happening with those books, because they truly are written like a Dick & Jane book. YET I LOVE THEM. So bizarre.

2. RPattz is dreamy! *sigh* Even though in person, I'm sure he's really scrawny and quite possibly smells bad. I'd still do him!

Samsmama said...

I'm with Jessica O'Really

Pam said...

You didn't like the 2nd book? THAT, my friend was the best book of the lot. Edward shmedward...totally overated and smelly.

Bev said...

SMA - No? An avid reader such as yourself managed to avoid the Twi-hype? I don't believe it! I'm a terrible pusher - try one... you'll like it!

PJ - Whaaaa? New Moon, the best? But... but... there's hardly any Edward in it! Jacob is a pansy, and Bella is mopey and annoying as hell throughout! Huh uh, no way. New Moon is to be endured, not enjoyed! IM(notso)HO, that is.

Harmony said...

Late to the party, but here nonetheless.

Twilight, is my guilty little pleasure too. I read through that series with a quickness...and was all Twilight zombied out until reading that last page of the last book. Luckily I hadn't read any of them until they were all available...because I have to say, that the in between parts (you know, waiting to go and get the next book) was kinda sorta, a whole lot nerve racking. Like a junkie in need of a fix...I just needed to end that shit. I hated what it did to me, but it did..and it's done...and I am happy.

Twilight the movie, was perhaps the funniest thing I have ever seen. My sister and I laughed so hard we cried...and ended up annoying the shit out of other movie goers. I am SO down with watching this next installment.

You have to read this Twilight movie review...it is hilarious!

Bev said...

Harmony! Love that review! Totally, totally.... It's such a weird affliction; I know it's weak, I know it's lame, but I can't stop myself from loving it! It's like my new thing with Lady GaGa... but that's a whole 'nother post.

Have you seen this? It's Twilight (and other movies) in 15 minutes, and it's hysterical! http://cleoland.pbwiki.com/Twilight

jessica o said...

Seriously guys, you are blowing up my Dingleberry with this Twilight shite. I am swallowing my vomit here.

Steph said...

Bev, STFU. I have a new obsession with Lady GaGa, too. She is batshit crazy, but still completely awesome.

Jill said...

I love it too... I think I'm a tween at heart (or maybe that's just maturity level... one of those two)

Bev said...

Sorry, Jess! But I do love me some Twilight, so.... whoopsie. :)

Steph - NO WAY! I'm so glad to find another unashamed GaGa fan! Ok, I'm a little ashamed... but I'm ok with it!

Jill - we have to grow up, but maturing is OPTIONAL! Embrace it!