Thursday, April 9, 2009

For my sweatpant lovin' homies

Two funny as shit clips that made me think of you. One of them contains Jason Bateman, who also happens to be a celebrity I want to boink. And how!

This is a new movie called Extract, and it comes from Mike Judge. So it's either gonna be a killer sleeper cult favorite like Office Space, or it's gonna be a suck-ass should-be-funny-but-not clunker like Idiocracy. Or, something in between. Btw, I saw this trailer first at WWTDD and then hunted it down on Youtube.

Love Kristin Wiig... and she's in SWEATPANTS, baby. Nice!

This second clip is one of my favorites from those awesome Kiwis, Flight of the Conchords. I missed their 2nd season but will be looking for it on DVD as soon as it's released. This video is from their first season, and it's a CLASSIC.

It's Business time:

It's awesome quote overload, people! "I only need two minutes... because it's so intense." BWAH!


Mala said...

Hey, I'll go see Extract with ya. Totally didn't recognize the B.A.
Yeah, Jason Bateman turned out pretty hawt. Oddly enough, I put him in the same catagory as Kirk Cameron, for obvious reasons, and they're both nice on the eyes. I wasn't into them as teens though. And of course Kirk Cameron is all uber-religious now.

jessica o said...

LMFAO! #1 I cannot WAIT to see that movie. Kristin Wiig. Love her. Jason Bateman. Love him. #2 This is my first time seeing Kiwi (?), and I am totally seducing James with that shit tonight. #3 I freaking love you for posting this for your sweatpant posse.

garrito said...

Holy shit, that was Ben Affleck with the long hair?! Despite his presence, I too can't friggin' wait to see the movie.

Kristin Wiig kills me. Have you seen this SNL Lawrence Welk clip:

Funny, fiancée just sang the Business Time song to me last night.

Bev said...

Mala - It's a date! Ya know, I don't even think of JB being in the same category as KC, but they totally are. I guess it's because I never had the hots for them when I was a kid. I saved up my crushes for Corey HAIM! Yikes!

Jessica O - Can't wait to hear back after your seduction attempts with the Conchords theme song! Did ya keep your socks on? ;)

Garritobonito - I know! I'm going to try to overlook The Affleck b/c the rest of the movie looks so good. Maybe he'll be great? Ya never know. LOVE that Wiig clip! I also thought she was hilarious in her (small) role in Knocked Up.
PS) Your fiancee sounds like my kind of lady!

Cary said...

If I ever become a celebrity, I hope to make your Boink List, Bev.

Mike Judge + Kristen Wiig = $$$$$. I'm so there. Yeah, Idiocracy sucked but I'll give Mikey a mulligan on that one. Luke Wilson was a bad casting choice.

Bev said...

Cary, done and DONE. ;)

Definitely giving Judge a mulligan on Idiocracy, but even that movie has its moments! I laughed a few times.

Cary said...

Hellz yeah, I made the BL.

Yes, Idiocracy had a few moments, agreed. MJ gets a lifetime pass after Beavis & Butthead, Office Space and KOTH.

Jim said...

Extract is an instant classic! It's the stretch sound when she tightens the drawstring of the sweats that cracks me up.