Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fun, interrupted.

Just when the little things start to bug you, something big comes along and puts it all right back into perspective. Yesterday I was all pissed off about the a-holes I work with and how they mainline coffee and then get cranky the day before the new shipment gets delivered. And of course, it's my fault that 6 people went through 3 cases of k-cups in 3 weeks (that's 288 cups of coffee, in case you're keeping track at home). Anyway, I don't really like talking about my Flair.

Last night my dad called from the hospital, where he's been admitted. He had a hernia in his chest that he went to the doctor for and they found a bunch of other stuff. Heart stuff. Lung stuff. It's not good, and that's all I know right now. I'm heading up there in an hour to see what's what.

I'm surprisingly calm, considering what a Daddy's girl I am, but I'm not gonna lie: this sucks.


Samsmama said...

Oh, that DOES suck! Sending good stuff your way!


Harmony said...

Sorry to hear about your dad...I too will be sending "good stuff" your way.

Lots of Love

Pam said...

Your Dad is in my thoughts, Bev.

Steph said...

I'm so sorry, Bev. Sending lots of positive thoughts for your dad.

raskal said...

THinking of you, Bev. Sending prayers.

Jo said...

I'm late reading this, Bev. I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. Sending many thoughts and prayers.