Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hey, LOTD'ers!

I should have posted this yesterday, but whoops, I just... didn't. Anyway, WELCOME to any folks who wandered over from List of the Day. Isn't Cary da bomb diggity?!

I hope you like my little spot in the blogosphere. Make yourselves at home; put your feet up on my coffee table, crack a beer, and watch a little bad TV with me, won't you?


Harmony said...

We'll I LOVE your space in the blogosphere. Yes...Cary is the bomb diggity..for shizzle!!!

Bev said...

Thanks, Harmony!!! Love ya back, ladyfriend!

Fo' shizzle! Of course, as usual I'm a day late & a dolla short with this posting. :) My day in the sun has passed... back into the cool shade for me!

Cary said...

Aw, thanks! Just saw this. You guys are sweet.