Saturday, April 11, 2009

New stuff!

Yay! I got new stuff!

I finally got a new camera and a new microwave today. Hurray! To celebrate, I took some pics of my darling bunnies after their bath this afternoon. They needed a bath in the afternoon due to the fudge pops I let them enjoy in the car... messy but fun!

Pics from the new camera:
The Jim - I took this one to try out the zoom and "anti-jiggle" feature. I actually took this while moving, which is why I cut off the top of his head. Oops! ;)

My bunnies:

Last AND least, a self-portrait:

The oven will just have to be put off a while longer. It still works (mostly), after all, and as a New Englander I simply cannot throw it out until it's 100%broken. As my Scottish great-grandma (reportedly) was famous for saying, "I'm not cheap, I'm frugal!"

Happy Saturday!!!


Mala said...

You're such a hawt Momma!
Has D-man started called Little M "Mini-Me" yet? Oh my, looking more and more alike all the time (and I don't think it's just the bunny ears!).

Cary said...

Great pics. Cute babies. "The Jim" - ha. You look great, too.

And a fellow Scot! Right on. My clan hails from the Isle of Barra.

Tae Scootlund!

Samsmama said...

Agree with Cary, "The Jim", funny!

Those bunnies are too stinkin' cute!

And your picture is great!

Yay for new stuff!!!

Bev said...

Mala - I know! They're so alike, but sooo different! Both have blue eyes, but a different shade... but the hair is shaping up to be the exact same color.

Cary - You're a wee sweethart, aren't you? Clan Crawford here!

Samsmama - Thanks!! Love the new camera, though the microwave is still sitting in the box! :)

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

introspective, self-aware and a beautiful family...
i think 'm in love. ;)

Bev said...

MOFM - awwwww!!! You're a doll! I hope you know I love ya back! :)

Cary said...

If you two get it on I wanna watch, ok?

Samsmama said...

Cary, and on Easter Sunday? You dirty bird!

Bev said...

Cary - "Brant can watch, but he has to pay double."


Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

here i am, simply attempting to express my admiration for a fellow woman blogger lady person when cary shows up (ON EASTER SUNDAY - thank you, samsmama) all I WANNA SEX U UP and shit.

oh, who am i kidding - i love this shit... yes, cary of course you can watch...

jessica o said...

Dammit! I missed all the fun!

Bev, you and the family look gorgeous dahling.

I love that you have a new camera and actually use it.

I have a new camera, but I use my crappy camera built into the dingleberry phone because then I can just email the picks and not hunt down the usb cable to download picks. So, all my pictures on my blog will ALWAYS be blurry.

Bev said...

Jessica, I am a ridiculous shutterbug. I take it EVERYWHERE with me, and booze just makes me even more snap-happy than usual. ;)

I'll take blurry pics, too - I just love seeing people's pics!

Frank Irwin said...

Nice pics! Even the old guy.

My oven hasn't worked since about October. It simply needs a $100 part, but they don't make it anymore.


I mostly just use it for baking bread, which I can also do on my smoker (it just takes more time to set up).

Bev said...

Hmmm, bread in a smoker? Never heard of such a thing. I learned something new today. Thanks, Frank!