Saturday, April 25, 2009

Partying on a school night

AKA: I am too old for this shite.

On Thursday night Mala and I ventured down to Boston to see Alexi Murdoch. We had a great night, but despite a good night's sleep last night, I. AM. TIRED. We didn't get home till 2, and Little Son decided to rise and shine at 5:50 yesterday. Gah... hurtin'. Two cups of coffee and FOUR Ibuprofen did nothing to combat my headache, but the good news is I looked pretty chipper and normal, so at least I flew under the radar at work. yaaaaaaaay.

Anyway, I know you'll be shocked to hear that we had a really good time! We went to dinner at a cute little Thai place we like and it was quite yummy. My dish was named "Old Lady Spicy," so of course I had to try it, because you are what you eat, right? It was tasty, but I discovered that a little squid goes a looooong way. Blech.

After dinner, my brand new camera decided it was just too tired to go on. It actually said, "Battery exhausted." Sonofabitch! I just cannot catch a break with cameras lately! Mala, being lazy-eyed with the vino and a DAMN GOOD FRIEND gave me her camera to use for the show, because she knows how important it is to me to document every tiny moment that happens at concerts. She has seen me at shows many times before and knows that I'm just not happy unless I'm snapping pics like a paparazzi and taking little videos that I'll probably never look at again. It's just what I do. *shrug*

Once inside the place, we politely elbowed the BU students aside, and found a great spot just left of center. We were patting ourselves on the back for maneuvering such great vantage point when the tallest dude in the place somehow managed to come stand right in front of Mala, where he proceeded to make out with his girlfriend throughout half of the show. There's really only one thing to do in this situation, and that is to make sexy faces at his back and pretend to do the whole Night at the Roxbury sandwich dance move on him when he's not looking.

You mean you don't do that? Huh. Just us, then? Ooookay.

The show itself was terrific, and we got right up close to the stage. So close that I made eye contact with Alexi a few times (settle down, Bev!) and close enough to admire his tight jeans, if you catch my drift. What? Mala noticed too! I know, I'm terrible! *at this point in the story, feel free to picture me wiggling my eyebrows and leering lecherously*

We were also close enough that apparently, according to Mala, Alexi MAY have heard my unintentionally loud stage whisper during a pause between songs. He laughed and said something like, "This isn't that kind of show," but I was too busy giggling at my own razor-sharp wit to notice that he'd heard me. What did I say, you may ask?

Well. Being the demure and (not tipsy at all) fan that I am, I may have jokingly said something along the lines of, "Show us your boobs!" Or something like that. Allegedly. A little. What?! He's hot!

VIDEOS - So you can feel like you were there!
Ok, so I took a couple of videos, but I have to apologize b/c they're not that great. Half the show was done in the DARK, which doesn't work so well when you're using an itty bitty digital camera with no light on it. I had to rely upon the stage lighting, which was pretty minimal. Also, tiny camera + crowd surrounding me = a little shakey. Plus, you know, wine. SO, this video is very dark, but the audio is good. This song is called All My Days, and you may have heard it on a couple of upcoming movie previews, Grey's Anatomy, stuff like that.

The next song is called Home, and it's a beautiful song, but so mellow you might just go into a little trance while listening. I only got about 2 minutes of it, because, well, I got bored and wanted to just watch/listen and stop taking video. Sue me!

There's one more video that isn't up here, and it's my favorite song, so I'll post that when Mala gets it to me later.

Speaking of his hotness, whoa. Brotha is super cute in person, no matter what Mala tells you. And don't even get me started on his sexy accent. Mala ALMOST ruined my crush for me though, when she told me that she thought he looked like Screech from Saved By The Bell. Bitch!

Yeah, she's a bitch, but I love her anyway. ;)

He didn't sign autographs after the show, which was a bummer, but I did pick up a couple of copies of his brand new disk that won't be released for months. I got one for myself and one for my brother-in-law, who was kind enough to give me my first Alexi Murdoch cd a few years back. I can't wait to give it to him, even if it's not signed, as I'd hoped. I listened to it this morning and it is wonderful, and I'm glad to have it so I can put my GaGa fixation on a shelf for a bit and listen to something truly beautiful.

And soothing... and melodic... and so very prettyyyyy....zzzzzz... oh, sorry! Dozed off there for a second. *sigh* Yesterday was a long day, but it was totally, definitely, fantastically worth it. Live music rocks, and chick dates rock even more! Yay - ain't life grand?

Enjoy your Saturday!!


jessica o said...

Finally! sheesh. Okay, I thought I loved you. Now I KNOW I love you!

What a blast! And why do those tall dickweeds always find their way in front of us? Glad you had fun!

Frank Irwin said...

Punk BU students? It must've been at the Paradise.

Ok, ok, I googled it, but just to make sure that I guessed right (I did).

I loved the pics of y'all harassing the tall guy. Looks like a good time.

Sorry, but Mala is right about Brotha...

Bev said...

Jesssss! Yay! I'm glad to have won your love. You had ME at snarky comment #1. :)

Frank - Yessir! Something tells me you might've seen a show or two there!

Sigh... no one else thinks he's cute? MAN. Oh well... I have always had a little thing for skinny sensitive musician types, and I guess I've still got it!

jessica o said...

awww. my nipples are hard. i mean. oh shit. gotta go.

Frank Irwin said...

I think I only went there once, to see Robben Ford. Roy Rogers (no, not that one) opened for him, and just blew him out of the water. We left halfway through Robben's set (it was a school night for us, too, but we didn't have the stamina of you and Mala).

Bev said...

Jess, don't worry - I totally have that effect on people all the time. ;)

Frank, thanks for those links! I think I would have enjoyed that show, but would have liked it more if RR & Trigger had been the opening act. Just sayin'.

No stamina in college? Daaaamn. Back in college this would have been just the FIRST thing we did that night. :-o

Frank Irwin said...

Not in college, I was working at the time. I was an old dude, like 30 or something.

Bev said...

Ooooof! Frank, that stings! I'm just gonna go sit over here and weep quietly for a while, lamenting my lost youth.... ;)

Mala said...

Thank you Frank! Bev, you know it's true! And with those tight jeans, his face wasn't the only thing he has in common with Skreech. Yeah, ya heard me!

And I think that tall dude knew we were ass-grinding him, but he pretended to not notice so we wouldn't stop!

But of course the best moment was our dear Beverino all drunk and loud and, well it was a really MELLOW crowd. I will say a few other chicks in the audience agreed that the showing of the boobs (on Alexi's part, mind you) would have spiced up the show.

Good times, Bevers. As always.

Frank Irwin said...

Well, Bev, I certainly didn't mean it in a mean way; that was almost 20 years ago, for me.

One guy you should check out the next time he comes up is Darden Smith. He's an Austin boy, but the first time I saw him was in Boston, and he'd get up to the area a couple of times a year. He puts on a really good show, and has a good rapport with the audience.

Cary said...

The pics behind the dude are hysterical.

Mala - you're a naughty, naughty girl.

Harmony said...

LMAO...Holy shit, I would have so done the same thing with FTD (freakishly tall dude). The pictures are great..and Mala's expression says it all. What fun! Totally jealous.

I love how you picked a dish based on it's name freaking rock!

Lori said...

Okay, so I'll admit to stalking you because Mala told her stalkers to. And I did and laughed and laughed.

But I have to say, that guy SCREAMED Screech. And I'm talking the "Ewww...who would do a porno with Screech?" Screech.


Bev said...

Mala! I wasn't "all loud and drunk!" I was merely a bit tipsy and perhaps suffering from a side effect thereof; the "Having trouble controlling THE VOLUME OF MY VOICE" side effect. ;)

Frank - thanks for the rec!

Cary - you have no idea.

Harmony - thanks! I am pretty fearless with cuisine, and the spicier, the better. I actually ate quite a bit of the Spicy Old Lady before deciding enough was enough with the squid.

Lori - welcome! But, don't be hatin' on Alexi!! As Mala pointed out - he was packing some serious heat in those jeans of his, so if that's how he also resembles the Diamond dude, so be it. I say. ;)