Thursday, April 2, 2009

You can call me Al.

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

I've never liked my name much. I've made my peace with it, but I just still have no idea where my parents came up with Beverly as a name for me. I mean, Beverly is kind of an old-lady name. It's not Agnes or Mildred or anything, but it's up there. I have one of those baby name books left over from when I was trying to think of wtf to name my children, and it is supposed to tell you what other people think of your name. Like we care, right? But anyway, the general consensus of that book was that, for many people, my name conjures images of overweight waitresses.


My sister has vivid memories of being six years old and voicing her objection to my parents' choice of names for me, before I was born. If only they'd listened to her! I will say that as a kid, my classmates were hard-pressed to come up with a terrible nickname for me, apart from Beverly Hillbilly (clever) and, once puberty hit, Beverly's Hills. What can I say? I've got jugs. (shrug)

I am a huuuuge fan of nicknames. Once I like someone, one of the first things I do is to come up with something goofy to call them. Hey, we all have our quirks, and that is one of mine... and that's just scratchin' the surface. Sometime in the mid-90's I dubbed myself bevtastic and it has been my email moniker ever since. I also answer to Bev (duh), Bevy, Bevster, The Bev, Bevelaqua, and... wait for it... Beaver. Yeah. Whatever. My name actually means "From the Beaver meadow," so the fact that it's also a euphemism for the nether regions doesn't bother me too much. Besides, I'm kind of a dirty minded little freak, so it's all good in the hood. ;)

Recently I took one of those FB quizzes which asked: if you could change your name, what would you change it to? I was stumped. I had no answer at all! For all that I don't care for my name, I don't know what I'd change it to if I was so inclined.

So, I guess I'm gonna stick with being the Beav.

What about you? Do you like your name? If you could change it, what would you change it to?


Harmony said...

My older sister's name is Beverly...actually it's Beverly Jo (that's first and middle) and she freaking hated it. Our parents were all sorts of Hippy, and she could not, for the life her, figure out why they would tap into the "Petticoat Junction" for baby names. She almost legally changed her middle name to Joy...but decided not to.

My name being Harmony, was a tough one for kids to rhyme nicknames with for a while it was Harmony fart on me. Which by the way, I never did! My sisters all call me Harm.

For the longest time, I didn't like my name...other kids thought it was totally weird, and always asked if my parents were them naming me Harmony was what uncovered their secret hippy ways or something. When I was a kid I liked the name Veronica, I thought it was of the royal nature. But, growing up I met a Veronica and she was a down right bitch!

Anyway...I have come to terms with my name and couldn't think of a different one to save my life.

You can call me flower?

Jim said...

My nickname was Junkyard Jim, which didn't bother me because I didn't live in a junkyard nor did I collect junk. Although I am a bit of a packrat with my very own man cave. . .hmmm. . .

Bev said...

Harmony - how funny! I have only met two other Beverlys. One of them was a girl in my school who actually had the same middle name (Anne) and was born about a week after I was, in the same year. Weird! Other than that, though, we had NOTHING in common!

I love your name. One of my best childhood friends was named Harmony. Her parents were hippies too, and all of her siblings had cool names like Amber & Noah.

Hate it when some nasty bitch ruins a good name!! Growing up, I knew a family of kids named Veronica, Monica, and Vance. heh.

Jim - hilarious! I don't know if I ever knew that about you. But you're right - the man cave is kind of looking junkyardish these days!

Harmony said...

Last year another girl named Harmony ran acrossed my blog (she was younger than me) and that blew me away! And once while in a WalMart bathroom, I met a little girl name Harmony. Her mom kept saying "Harmony are you finished, Harmony are you done yet?" I thought "who the hell is taunting me out there?"

LOL...I love that you had a childhood friend with my name, I don't know why I do...but I do. I have a sister named's kind of hippy.

Also? I was born in New Hampshire (Portsmouth)! I love that you live there.

Samsmama said...

Ok, Harmony has a sister named Melody? That's awesome. Is there a brother named Tempo?

My given name is Maryann. All one word. I hate it. I always swore I'd legally change it to my middle name when I turned 18. That would make me Elizabeth.

If I could be named anything, I think I'd go with Redravi. Because that's my word verification.

Bev said...

Harmony - a NH native!?! I knew I liked ya! Why ever did you move? :)

I LOVE that your sister's name is Melody. Seriously. Your parents rule!

Samsmama - Redravi, Redravi, send Maryann on over! I would have thought you more of a Ginger type, to be honest.

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

i love my first name. aside from the fact that my mom insisted on spelling it "Adrianne" rather than the more normal, "Adrienne."

since i have a relatively unique name, i rarely come across another adrianne. but when i do i'm all sorts of excited! except the time i ran into an Adrianne who worked at home depot... not knowing we had the same name (spelled exactly the same way) she had her back turned to me in her little orange home depot vest. i asked her a question, she turned around... had a hair lip, thick glasses and a wandering eye. FANTASTIC.

i like my word verf = pacedure.
"i have to go to the proctologist and have a pacedure done."

Samsmama said...

MOFM has me laughing with her Home Depot cashier description. The "wandering eye" is what did me in. And, man, the proctologist? She just really likes it in the butt, doesn't she?

Harmony said...

I don't know why we moved, but from there we went to North Dakota, where two of my younger sisters were born. Then from there we made our way to California. I have always wanted to go to New Hampshire and see it....hopefully one day I will actually make it out there.

Samsmama ~ HA! Nope no Tempo..but close? We have a Tony.

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

i love ALL things anal! hehehehe.

Bev said...

MOFM - I love your name, too! It's purty. I also love your description of the Alternate-Universe-Adrianne at H.Depot! The wandering eye was killer, but you had ME at hair lip.

Also, way to be anally-fixated; I just cannot get enough info. on your poop shoot, girlfriend! Keep it COMIN'!

Harmony - well, if you do make it out, let me know!! I'll show you all the best cow pastures. ;) Actually, that goes for ALL of you hot mamas!

garrito said...

You people's is especially entertaining today:

-Petticoat Junction (loved that show!)
-Harmony, Melody, Tempo
-"Harmony, are you finished?" (Ha!)
-Yes, Bev, Ginger seems more accurate for Samsmama
-Adrianne has me thinking "great Sopranos death" (I know...AdriannA)
-Home Depot freak
-Further anal awareness
-etc, etc name, as you may have figured, is not so far off from my screen name. No, not "Ito". A friend named me Garrito years ago in NYC when I had a dark tan (I'm naturally, er, swarthy, so it was no big stretch), and it stuck.

I prefer it to my real name, which was given to me because my parents were apparently fans of an actor with the last name Cooper. I'm just glad they weren't John Wayne fans or I might have ended up as a Marion.

Harmony said...



Mala said...

What can I say, my name is Mala. 4 freakin' letters and EVERYONE continues to spell it wrong! Which of course may be due to the fact I think my parents actually mispronounced it (MAY-la), but what the heck, they named me after a credit they saw on a movie and never actually heard it. And then there's the fuckwits who, after I've clearly spelled it for them, decide I MUST have forgotten the 'r' and call me Marla. It's been a lifelong struggle. I have never, NOT ONCE, found my name on any cute keychains at the checkout! Oh and then when I moved to south Florida (where the official language IS Spanish) I discovered Mala means "bad". Y'all can just imagine how every conversation began with every horney Cuban. And of course there's the whole "Maalox" joke. Hardy har har.

I for one like Beverly! It's classy, easily pronounced, no tricky spelling. PERFECT! My sweet Beveroni!
Love, Malomatic

Cary said...

I don't picture an overweight waitress when I hear Beverly. I've always liked the name, but then, I'm old.

Never liked my name. No one ever spelled it right, got called Cory/Gary/Terry, got teased for having a "girl's name," etc. We all have our own row to hoe, I s'pose.

I'd like to change my name to Mike. Mike Oxlong. Or Howie Felterpuss.

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

like cary says (not in so many words), there is always some asshole out there who will massacre a name. my name is Adrianne and i get Andrea, Angela, MARIANNE. ugh. stupid motherfuckers.

and re: the anal thing... i just enjoy everything butt-related!

Bev said...

Garrito - Hmm, your hints are so confusing. Last name Cooper... your name must be Alice. ;) I *guess* that's better than Marion. Hee!

Harmony - The End... or is it? Watch out, next time I'm gonna get all artsy fartsy and say "fin."

Oh, Malomatic... I'll never understand why your parents couldn't just put that one little clarifying "Y" in your name. I think they secretly hated you. Just sayin'.

Cary (or should I call you Howie? Mr. Felterpuss, if you're nasty?) thank you! As a matter of fact, in college I was a waitress for a while, though not an overweight one. I never did master the whole "Kiss my grits" attitude that the job truly required, however.

Analanne, er, I mean Adrianne, people are stupid! For some odd reason whenever I call our company's home office they think my name is Deborah Lee. WTF? Does that *really* sound like Beverly? Of course, the fact that I'm talking to someone who's pretending to be in Minnesota when in fact, he's in a call center in India might have something to do with that confusion on his part.

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

LOL @ Deborah Lee. WHAT THE FUCK?!

re: the india thing, our help desk is there too. i just LOVE when someone named "Bob" answers the phone because someone told him that "Ranjiv" didn't sound American enough.

Jo said...

I like your name. :-) My legal name is Joann and I have never had a problem with it. Although an "e" at the end would make it easier for some people. I am forever being called "Joan". Don't understand that when "ann" is clearly at the end of my name. So annoying. My father had a thing about his children having his initials JCH. I am known as Jo by family and friends. Now that I think about it, thank goodness I never had a rhyme nickname. What rhymes with Jo? A garden tool comes to mind. LOL!

Jill said...

okay, so this time I'm having a good laugh at everyone's comments here.
Bev- I love that you're Bevtastic - as you truly are!
Harmony - Tony's middle name isn't Award by any chance, is it? I mean it does sound like your parents had the music thing going on.
Jill can be turned into MANY a nickname... Jilly, Jilly Bean, Jillster, Jillio, Vaseline petrolium Jilly (yeah, 8th grade boys are FUNNY) Jillinator (thanks Bev!), about a million Jack & Jill jokes, but beyond that I've also been called Wisconsin (more 8th grade boy jokes - it was the dairy state and I, um, perhaps developed early), Monstah (My Nana spelled my name with a G sometimes - which friends thought was like Gila Monster) Funny looks used happen when in public people would call me Monstah and I'd answer to it.

Oh, and I think Analann is stuck in my memory now - funny!

Harmony said...

LOL...I really like "Monstah" and might steal that and call the little one it!

Okay weird thing here about Tony's middle is Anthony (Tony), as his first name is Shannon. And Melody's middle name is Melody and her first name is Dawn. My parents named them like that knowing that they would call them Tony and that is what they've been called their whole lives. And the other two (outside of Beverly Jo) are Jessica Renee and Savannah Eve. So there you have it siblings!