Tuesday, May 26, 2009

As promised

I hope I didn't over-hype the tom-foolery, but here 'tis:

Bitches be all up on my behind, yo!

Hrmmm, I really need to clean up my image. You're all gonna think I'm some kind of wild girl who lets her friends grope her when she gets dru... ah, screw it. Even girls can't resist ALL THIS. Yeah. Uh huh.

HEE! Anyway. Here's another cute pic, while I'm at it. Totally forgot to post it last night due to a lingering buzz that reduced my typing to hunting & pecking Franken-fingers.

My kid's the one on the end with chocolate all over his face and a blissed out expression. I am awesome at parenting, clearly. As Laurie put it, the little guy went all "Lord of the Flies" by the end of the party. 'Cause that's how we do it, baby.

Tomorrow night's the big Cake show, and I promise to take lots of pics as usual, and to bore you with them on Thursday. This is my vow to you, loyal readers, and I take this kind of thing very seriously. *hiccup* Scout's honor.


Samsmama said...

Ya know, I have a few similar pictures. Yet I'm always the one doing the groping. I even have a "group grope" picture. There's 8 boobs in the pic and mine are the only two real ones. A picture is worth 1,000 words. And, sometimes, $15,000.

Your son is adorable! That look of chocolate bliss is awesome!

raskal said...


Mala said...

Awesome pictures! Mateo is demonstrating the common look of all party-goers at Casa de Bev. Pure. Bliss.

Samsmama: Yay for real boobs!!!!!

The WTF Word verification of the day: sessess
"It'll be a great sessess if I don't have any bad pictures taken of me tonight"

Harmony said...

LMAO @ Franken-fingers...that seriously made me laugh hard.

Great pics, thanks for sharing. I have a group hiking picture where we all look like we're molesting each other...my mom is in it!

Can't wait to hear/see about Cake. I am totally going to make you stick to your word. ;)

Cary said...

I never wished I was a chick until I saw that first pic.

Worf verf: dusno

If I were a chick, I dusno where my hands would be in the pic, yo.

Kate said...

I love the label for this post: "Drunken Photos."

Cary: My word verification: plutlin.

As in--You'd be plutlin you hands all over her luscious boobies.

Bev said...

Samsmama - Come to NH and feel me up any time, lady!!

Lisa - call me "Piggy" and I swear to God I will come to ND and kick your ass. For rlz.

Malomatic - Yes, we have a proud tradition of losing one's shit at casa de Bev. Exhibits A, B, and C: the purple stain(s) on my carpet(s).

Harmony - your mom sounds like my kind of lady! Nice!

Cary - Oh, I dusno, too!

Kate - thanks for plutlin that comment here!! You crack me up!

rkintn said...

As samsmama said before me, you son is adorable and I love the blissed out expression:)!

My word verification: betera

I got betera as a sucky word verification LOL

PorkStar said...

Nice pics...

I'm all for the boob grabbing, nothing wrong with that...

: )

Jo said...

Matthew is just so adorable! Lord of the Flies? LOL!

calicobebop said...

Yes, I have a few of those kind of pictures too - only it's people grabbing my ass. Because I'm booty-licious. Yeah baby.

Such a cute picture of your little one! Blissed on chocolate. What could be better?

raskal said...

I only now saw your "piggy" reference in your reply...

so I will say


Loved that book... :)