Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday I'm in love

Well, hello there. You all look especially chipper and well-groomed today, I must say. What? You didn't realize that I can see you? Ha. Well, I can, and Frank, that's disgusting! Stop that.

Anywhoooo. It's FRIDAY! YAAAAAAAY! It should be a good day. It's sunny and warm, and the office is mostly empty b/c a lot of the advisors went to Boston for a conference, so I brought my book and hope to sneak in a chapter or two during my two-hour lunch break. Don't judge me! I'm all caught up, folks, and once the work gets did where does that leave me? Chillaxin', that's where.

I'm all a'twitter because last night I found out that two more of my favorite bands are coming to the area this month. Two bands I've been listening to for years and have never seen live. Two bands... playing within a week of each other... both on fucking WEDNESDAY nights. What the damn?!?! I know they appeal to college kids too, but don't they realize us 30-somethings with jobs and kids ALSO like live music? Son of a monkey.

So, I did what any good fan would do; I got a little drunk and begged my husband to help me make at least one of the shows happen. (blush) Actually, it wasn't that hard to do because Jim is actually a very cool guy (not even sucking up b/c he doesn't read my damn blog anyhow) and also loves music, so he was pretty amenable to my proposal. You see, in order for me to stay overnight mid-week, he has to be late to work, which is a huge PITA for teachers. But, he said he would, so YAY. Next step, securing my go-to concert buddy (Mala, duh), and she was exactly as hard to convince as Jim had been. That is to say, she said yes.

Later that night I got some sad-rabbit text messages from Laurie, who was feeling all "jelly" of our concert plans. Girl relationships are so freaking complicated, yo. Just when I think I've got it all figured out, back to the drawing board! So, this show might just end up being a group thang because I have a feeling that Laurie will be a super fun chick to see a show with! Next, I'm gonna try to convince the Jillinator to come too, but she's got like, a serious job and shit. Ugh. What up with that?!

Choosing between the bands was tough. The Shins are playing at the Orpheum in Boston, which is a fun place to see a show and there's actually nightlife afterwards since, well, it's Boston. Cake is playing in Lowell, which is a nice enough little town with very little going on afterwards, as Mala and I discovered when we saw Weezer there. Seriously, there was an IRS convention in the hotel and that was as wild as it got. I got your 1099 right here, baby! WOOT!

*ahem* Anyway. I let Mala decide and she chose Cake, and I'm actually really glad because I just love them and they rarely seem to get to the East coast. Plus, I plan to dance my mofo ass off. For reals.

You all know a Cake song and probably don't even know it. They've been around for quite a while, after all, and have a pretty unique sound. Ever watch the show Chuck? The opening song is Cake. Some of their songs include "The Distance," "Never There," "Love You Madly" (my cell ringtone!), an awesome cover of "I Will Survive," and perhaps their most recognizable tune, "Short Skirt/Long Jacket."

Here's a little video that I lovelovelove. I used to have it on my Myspace back when I actually went to that site. It's so funny - they interview a bunch of random people who are hearing Short Skirt/Long Jacket for the first time, getting their reactions:

Who else kind of wants to punch the beatnik "philosopher" dude in the face? Raise your hands... the line forms behind me!

So, that's what's happening in my neck of the woods. Tomorrow we're going to spend the day with my parents in Vermont. My sister and her family are coming up from Maryland, too, so it should be a nice enough day. I hope. No big plans for Mother's Day, aside from sleeping in. Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!


Danielle said...

I LOVE Cake!!! Both the band and the dessert. But probably the band more. Well, I guess it's a toss up. I do love me some cherry chip cake with cherry icing. made the right decision. Sheep go to heaven goats go to Cake song EVER!!

Harmony said...

Cake was the first band that I had ever seen live. And I went with Audra it was a blast!

So jealous, I wish lived nearby I would totally crash your night out. Take lots of pictures when you go!!!

Samsmama said...

Cake fucking rocks!

And not that anyone cares, but since Harmony mentioned it, I'll tell you that my first live show was INXS on the Kick tour.

Audra said...

Yay Cake, I've seen them twice, the best was with Harmony cause they were still unknown. They were wearing mopheads as wigs and one of them hocked a luggi on the ceiling and they spent a great deal of time talking about it lmao

Bev said...

Yay - look at all my CAKE lovin' people!! I knew you were all smokin' hot chicks!!

Samsmama - totally "jelly" over seeing INXS! I loved them, man. And Michael Hutchence was a total babe.

Audra - ew! and, cool! My BIL saw them and said the lead singer was kind of a dink during the show, yelling at the audience and shit. Heh.

Bev said...

Oh yeah, and it just occurred to me - Audra & Harmony, you guys are from northern CA, right? And the band's from Sacramento. So, that makes sense that you were in "on the ground floor." Very cool!!!

Oh, and Danielle, I love that song, too!

Frank Irwin said...

I'm sorry, Bev, I didn't realize that my webcam was turned on.


I was wondering where the laughing was coming from.

There's a "You can't have your Cake and something something Shins something, too" joke in there, somewhere, but I just cant get it out.

I liked the video (especially the old geezers) and the song.

Bev said...

Frank - I'm glad you liked it! Yeah, I couldn't figure out a good pun for the whole "have your cake and eat it" thing either. Huh. You'd think with our combined brilliance we'd be filthy with jokes. Instead, we're just filthy.

Frank Irwin said...


I read the line, "...we'd be filthy with joked," and, before reading the next line, thought, "Instead, we're just filthy."


Bev said...

Frank, that is scary! Are you doing the Vulcan mind-meld on me? You are, aren't you? :p

Frank Irwin said...

No, Bev, I'm doing the Vulcan mind-meld on you.

Oh, wait. What did you say?

Mala said...

Harmony - Bev's like the papparatzi on crack! You know there'll be lots of pictures (certainly some bad ones of me, you know, licking strangers' backs and shit).

So, who's flying to Boston to join us???????

Cheasty said...

whazzup, Bev! just checking you out, and check you out! youse funny, bitches! i'll be back. :)

Bev said...

Frank - HAHA!!!

Mala - Who, me? I don't know what you're... oh, wait. Yeah, I do take a lot of pictires. Oops. Also, agreed! Who's coming? You're all invited!

Cheasty! HI! Welcome. I look forward to stalking you. ;) Well, stalking your blog anyway. Actual stalking requires energy and I don't think I have it in me. In fact, I need a nap right now....

Jillinator said...

soooo.... I talked to Ric and still got to talk to my boss but I *think* I might be joining you! Now I've gotta find out who they are - I love Chuck so I'm guessing I'll have a warm and fuzzy when I hear them (and it has nothing to do with me identifying with Chuck because I'm also an ubergeek... really)

jessica o said...

hahahaha I can't even type it "How much is this. I'll take two."

That is fucking awesome!

I wanna live were you and Mala live. Who lives near me? I'm in Dallas.

other than frank (heehee)