Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Stinko de Mayo!

AKA: Drink up, bitches!

This is one of my favorite pics, taken by the lovely and talented Mala. I look a mess - we had just ridden horses over the Hollywood hills into Pasadena, after all, but these margs were so worth it. Of course, I had a little trouble getting back on the ol' horse after (yes, I needed a boost, so? That horse was tall!), but that was a minor detail. Also, this pic makes it look like I have man-hands, which I assure you, I do not.

Hola! Hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday morning. It is gray and rainy here, but it's all good because I'm stuck at work anyway! In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we're having fajitas for dinner tonight, and that is the extent of our celebration. Well, I might wear my sombrero, but that's not unusual. That's just a Tuesday night at casa de Bev, yo!

I don't have much to report today, so I am gonna show you a little video that makes me giggle and squirm all at the same time. Some of you may remember this song from the 90's, but maybe it'll be new to some of you. Who knows? Somebody made me think of the song yesterday (you know who you are!) and it has been stuck in my head ever since! So now, I will share the wealth with all of you. Enjoy. (muaahahaaha!)

Was it good for you, too?


Frank Irwin said...

Thanks for that, Bev. Now I need a cigarette.

Mala said...

Eddy, dahling, it was Burbank we rode to.
And I love me some 'ritas the size of my head. Sorry I was too buzzed to even think about offering you a shove up onto your horse. Besides, I think that guy liked it more than you knpw.
OMG Good times!
Crap! Now I have that song stuck in my head! Fuck! I remember many days at the ol' TV station singing that little hymn with you.

hee hee, my word fornification is "aderti", you know, as in "Bev is aderti girl."

Samsmama said...

What you talkin' about? You don't look like you have man hands! I think that picture is great!

Man, I'm so craving a strawberry 'rita...

Ugh! That song! It used to get played at the bar I worked at ALL THE TIME. I've never been subjected to the video before.

My word "fornication" (HA, Mala!) is "actingle".

Bev said...

Frank - Haha!! Mission accomplished. Btw... your avatar is even HOTTER than I remember it being. Maybe b/c it's so tiny and unassuming up there, then you click it and HELLO!

Mala - Was it Burbank? Shit, I thought I remembered the wee little cowboy saying it was Pasadena. What do I know? I was quite drunk. SUCH good times. We're totally doing that again on our next trip, but next time I'd prefer a horse that wasn't quite so lame....

LOVE the word "fornication!!!" Fucking awesome.

Samsmama - actingle? Like, single without the s? I may be married, but I sure actingle. Yeah!

Samsmama said...

I was more focused on the "tingle". Because that's what I got when I thought about consuming that adult beverage.

Harmony said...

We're having Carne Asada tacos for dinner. And? Beer...not because that is what a mexican is all about, but because that is what Cinco De Mayo is about...drink up indeed.

I remember both the song and video...at last a song about sex that I knew was about sex. LOL

Audra said...

Great now its in my head and I want a monkey suit.

Cary said...

"Do you from behind while we watch the X-Files."


Jillinator said...

I hadn'theard that before - but had to watch it then had to play it for Ric too. Your frozen drink made me think... I think I still have something in my freezer to drink (and a shitload of rum in the pantry... what? Everyone doesn't stock their pantry with rum, vodka & jack daniels?)
my word verf is sussa - that'll be how I'll be saying "shut up" after I head to the pantry

Bev said...

Jill - you are hilarious!!!! Hope you enjoyed the drinks! "sussa!" Love!