Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's Thankful Thursday! (updated)

Steph suggested that it would be a good idea to make Thursdays all grateful and stuff, so I'm following her lead and doing exactly that. This will likely be one of those "random thoughts" kinds of posts, too, because my little brain is all over the place this morning! So, here goes:

I'm thankful for:

Red wine. Because I just fucking love it, that's why. It also gets me tipsy, which is a huge bonus.

My easy job.
Though, I nap under the desk, not on it. ;-)
Oh, shut up! It was just that one time!

My friends. Because they're all NUTS in a very good way, and all seem to have the same sick & twisted sense of humor that I have. Also? They're pervs, and I like pervs.

That's it for now, because I need to go easy if I'm gonna be thankful every Thursday! I might post again later if I'm so inspired. I might not. Who knows what the day will bring? God knows I don't, but I do know I'll be drinking a glass (or 3) of wine later, talking to a friend (or 3), and slacking off at work for at least an hour (or 3). Because today is a day that ends in Y, that's why.

OH, and I'm editing this bad boy because I just found something else to be thankful for. THIS clip & the accompanying description over on Dlisted just made me giggle like a schoolgirl seeing her first wang. Click it... CLICK IT. CLICK.

Why are you still here and not CLICKING IT?


Harmony said...

shitdamnfuck....I forgot it was Thankful Thursday! How thankful am I, if I can't even remember to be thankful one day a week...sheesh!

I love your reasons to be thankful. And? I seriously need to acquire the taste for wine, something tells me it's the answers to all my problems.

Hope you have a great day!!!

Mala said...

What?! I didn't get the memo about Thankful Thursday, so I posted more about penises... and not in a thankful kind of way either. Oh well.

Harmony - wine Does cure ALL!

Harmony said...

Mala ~ I knew it!!! What would you suggest I start with?

Samsmama said...

I love my wine, but can't do red. Anyway...

I'm laughing too hard thinking about you napping under your desk. Of COURSE, I'm thinking Costanza.

Bev said...

Harmony - haaaa! shitdamnfuck? Awesome. Thank you - you have a great day, too! Start by buying some vino tonight, k? I'm sure Mala will be along to give you some suggestions soon enough!

Mala - starting next week, do Thankful Thursdays! or Thirsty Thursdays... but we already do those. ;) Also, start reading Steph's blog immediately! She rocks.

Samsmama - you & I are like Jack Spratt & his wife. I drink no white, you drink no red... so there's plenty for the both of us. CHEERS!

jessica o said...

LMAO - Harmony said shitdamnfuck - an oldie but a goodie.

I posted the clip on fb. couldn't resist. :)

Samsmama said...

Um, ya. So I clicked on it. And now I feel really weird inside.

Mala said...

Harmony - firstly (is Bev twitching? I'm not sure that's a word) just grab the closest wine and drink! I'm certain you probably unknowingly suffer from an incredible wine deficit.
Then, just join Bev and I and we'll gladly teach you the joys of wine!
Hee, my word verf is "solut", kinda like a toast! Hmmm, I need to open a bottle.

Audra said...

Man that hamster has a set of balls like a (insert something funny with large balls here)

Jo said...

I like Thankful Thursdays! That clip was too cute. A while back, you emailed me a list of suggestions for wine and I ended up losing it on HL. Would you mind giving me your suggestions again? I am feeling the need to be high on the vine. Thanks in advance, Bevy!

Steph said...

Awesome. I, too, am thankful for friends. Without them, I'd be more nuts than I am now, and that just can't be a good thing.