Friday, May 15, 2009

Just because I can.

Friday night blogging action, yo! I'm kickin' it at home, drinking a lovely glass of cab, reading a chapter or two of my book, and scoping out the gossip sites I somehow managed to fall behind on during the work week. Happy Gilmore is on, which isn't one of my favorites, but I won't kick it out of bed, either. So I'm on Perez Hilton and what do I find? Only the best piece of media I've seen all week!

A few of my favorite things, all wrapped into one 4 minute clip.... Weezer covering MGMT's "Kids," (love that song, don't know why... just do) AND busting out some mad GaGa halfway through for no good reason!

Fuckin' A, man! Yes, and yes. Oh, and HELL yes. Bring. It.

DAMN, I wish I'd been at that show. Weezer freakin' rocks. They're good musicians, they're funny & quirky, they are self-deprecating, they appreciate all musical genres, and they totally rock it out in concert. And that's not just the glass of wine talkin'.

PS) I would also like to thank whomever shot this little ditty for our viewing pleasure. Next time you all make fun of me for being the "stalkerazzi" at shows, just remember that without us camera-wielding dingbats, YouTube would not exist.

So suck it.

Goodnight, sleep tight, and get lucky.
That is all.


Mala said...

That. Rocks.
Weezer - there's some good memories.

Harmony said...

Awesome. Weezer...I love Weezer! Thanks for sharing the video.

jessica o said...

Okay, that was pretty sweet. However, I was distracted the entire time by the knee pads he was obviously wearing under his pants. I want to see what he was doing that required knee pads!

Word verf: hotring - What James wants to hit. Ho!

Bev said...

Mala - YES!

Harmony - YES! I knew you'd like Weezer. :)

Jessica - Rivers always wears the knee pads! When we saw them, the whole band changed costumes 3x, and each outfit was themed to include knee pads: soccer warm-up suits, one-piece workman suits, sporty shorts & jerseys, etc. Wicked cute.

Oh, and LMAO at hot ring!! Suh-weeeeeet! I got yer hotring right here, baby! WOOT!

Bev said...

Also, Jess? Your avatar is disturbing. HA!

Kate said...

Sitting here alone in front of my computer totally bobbing my head. Weezer is one of my all-time favorite bands. I hate that I have never gotten to see them live. THAT.WAS.AWESOME!

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

i love weezer. and i love So suck it.

and jess, WHAT THE FUCK is up with your avatar?! that looks like one of those kids in south america (?) that was born with that hairy disease thing... or something.

Samsmama said...

That absolutely rocked. But I can't watch shit that's really shakey like that. Makes me feel nauseous. I'm becoming a total piece of loser pie in my old age.

Jessica, WTFF? My best advice is for your avatar to call it a day and join the circus.

Dr Zibbs said...

Yeah Weezer rocks it.