Friday, June 19, 2009

F is for Friday...

that's good enough for me!

Are you singing the Cookie Monster song? Well, ya should be.

I'm sooooo glad it's Friday, folks. I seem to be coming down with something; got a tickle in my throat and I sound a little Kathleen Turner-ish, which is the good part of getting sick, IMO. It's also STILL BLEEPING RAINING, and looks like the whole weekend will be a wet one 'round these parts. I'm really, really, really getting sick of rain. However, it could be worse and we could be getting tornadoes or record heat like other parts of the country. So, there's that.

Tomorrow is the annual Rockin' Ribfest at the local Anheuser Busch Brewery. We stumbled across it last year for the first time; it was one of those beautiful sunny Saturday mornings when we had no plans, but wanted to do something fun. I went online and found out about it, we went, and had just about the best day ever. They have all these kids' activities set up - bounce houses galore, face-painting, carny food, etc., plus live bands all day, an international rib competition (the Aussies were our faves last year - YUM!), and of course... BEER. We're not big Bud fans (AT ALL), but they had Red Hook and a few others that were tolerable, so we managed to muddle through without microbrews for a day. Ha ha... we're beer snobs, yes.

So, this year we're going with a couple of other families, which will be great... except that it's gonna effing RAIN all day and be 60 degrees instead of sunny and warm. &*%@#! But, we'll survive. I'm hitting Target later to get myself some cute rubber boots, and I plan to fully embrace the damp. Quack quack, and all that.

Sunday's Father's Day, but we don't have any big plans beyond the obligatory (and admittedly cliche) breakfast in bed. I need to run out today and pick something up for the J, but I'm not going nuts. I'm hoping that we can just have a quiet day at home for a change, because I'm burned out and need some serious "couch" time. "TV" time. "Nose in a book" time. "Please everybody stop talking to me" time. In other words, good times.

I'll leave you with some random pics taken within the past week or two.

Hey baby, come here often?

My big kid!

His Native American name is, "Wind in his Mullet"

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!!


PorkStar said...

hahahaha awww that last picture is so adorable!

Kate said...

"Wind in his mullet" made me cry in laughter!

Have a fun weekend! I want beer.

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

HA! wind in his mullet... awesome.

hopefully the rain holds off for you guys tomorrow - at least for a while.

i love the wonder woman costume. someone once told me that i look like linda carter. except i'm blonde. huh. i think it's the thin lips. most actresses have big, pouty lips.

happy friday! :)

MtnMama said...

Well, as one of those baking away in the record heat (after a miserable winter of rain and fog) I applaud your buying the boots and embracing the damp. Bravo!

My kid just had a Graduation (full on cap & gowns) from Preschool! Sheesh! At least she doesn't expect me to buy her a car (yet)!

Have a great weekend!

Samsmama said...

Great pictures! Sounds like you guys have a fun weekend planned. You have no idea how much I love carny food.

As a baby, my mom gave Sam the Native American name "Chief Crazy Hair". It still holds true.

Stacie's Madness said...

love the pictures, the wonderwoman gives me an idea for MY halloween costume this year.

Also, um, try the Bud Light Lime, it's YUMMY.

have a great weekend.

Steph said...

It is frelling HOT here, and I'm jealous of you. Well, no. I'd be jealous of you if we hadn't just gotten a POOL! OH YEAH!

Sorry. I'll stop now.

Mala said...

Did someone say carnyfood!!!?

And I totally agree with Stacie BL Lime is yum.

I went out and bought some rediculously ugly rubber ladybug rain clogs for tomorrow. Just add some drippy rained-out 'do and I'm gonna look hawt! Yeah baby!

Bev said...

PStar - thanks!

Kate - Then my work here is done. Oh, and I shall lift a beer in your preggie honor tomorrow!

MOFM - Being told you look like Lynda Carter is a tremendous compliment! I'd take it!

MtnMama - congrats on your pre-k grad! Hope you can find some relief from the heat this weekend.

Samsmama - I've often thought that our sons are in the same tribe. Now it's confirmed. Also, I will think of you when I see carny food tomorrow. Esp. corndogs. ZING! (I kid - you know I love you silly!)

Stacie - thanks for the rec! I'll give that a try, esp. b/c it is Lite. Even tho Bud Lite is essentially just beer-flavored water, is it not? HEE! Oh, and we will def. need pics of you dressed as WW! For rlz.

Steph - congrats on your pool, you lucky thing! Enjoy it - something tells me you'll need it this HOT TX summer!

Mala - I will also be hawt tomorrow in my Target polka-dot rubber rain boots, but frak it! There is beer to be drunk, music to be heard, children to sugar-up and bounce, and ribs to be eaten. Gotta take one for the team, appearance-wise!

Also? I got the LAST pair of rain boots at the Bedford Tarjay. And they were even MY SIZE. It's fate! It is meant to be! Bring on the rain!

rkintn said...

I would LOVE a little rain and 60degree weather right about now LOL

Wind in his mullet--Priceless!

They grow up so damn's almost heartbreaking.

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

weird thing is, i don't think he told me i reminded him of linda carter because of my looks, i think it was because he could envision me flying around in an invisible airplane...

Bev said...

Rhonda - They do, right? Ugh... mustn't think of it!

MOFM - your comment made me giggle-snort, I'll have you know! Good thing I'm the only one "working" today. ;-)

Also, have you seen the Family Guy episode with WW sitting in her invisible jet? Superman comes flying up and starts talking to her, and she's like, "I'm sorry. I'm kind of in the invisible bathroom right now."


Samsmama said...

That FG scene is hilarious.

Please, eat a corndog for me! That's my favorite! And take lots of pictures. Not of you eating a corndog, unless you want, but of your weekend!

Harmony said...

"Wind in his Mullet" Made me laugh so abruptly that I scared the shit out of Ryder. Holy hell he is a mess.

Frank Irwin said...

Eat a corndog for me, too, with mustard, please. And I'd like to see a picture of you doing it.

Jillinator said...

I'm bummed that we're missing the rockin' ribfest!
Oh, gotta love Andra's WW costume... she wears it most days after school... and I *may* have shared this already (glug-glug-glug) but one year in college I went to a halloween party as Diana Prince and around midnightish changed into a WW costume in the bathroom - good times - it got a lot of laughs