Monday, June 8, 2009

Isn't she lovely?

Everyone, please meet my new sister-in-law, Anne:

We had a great time at the wedding last weekend. Our flights went smoothly and the kids were decently-behaved, and my 6-yr-old did us proud as both the ringbearer AND the only child present. That boy can cut a rug, lemme tell ya! More on that later.

First off, here's my charming little devil:

He is holding his new harmonica, one was one of his gifts from A&A for performing his very important duty.

The groomsmen

D walking the aisle. He actually was walking so seriously that he walked right on by the aisle and everybody giggled. Whoops! Once he found the path, he was right as rain!

Here comes the bride!

Jim was asked to read a poem during the service:

Last but not least, here is the only pic (that I can show in mixed company! D'oh!) of me from the whole night. I'm not nuts about it, but there it is. I hate how I'm holding my hand; it looks like I have nubs for fingers. Great - now you're all going to know about that shop class accident I had!

That's it for now. My heart's just not into blogging this morning. The reception got a little crazy and I have some funny stories to tell, but they'll have to wait. Sorry!! I am a tease. You know this about me. You love me anyway. RIGHT?!


rkintn said...

What a lovely wedding:) I LOVE little boy suits! Is there anything more adorable? Well, okay, yeah, Frank in his new Cosmonaut suit, but that's a different subject entirely LOL I"m glad you guys made it there and back safely. Rest up so you can tell us some stories!

Mala said...

Matty???? Matty???? Has anybody seen Matty???????
Poor kid. You'll just have to PhotoShop him into all these pictures later.
You look Fab my dear! Nubs and all!
Glad you had a great time! Looking forward to the obvious "Bev got hammered" stories.

Cary said...

Shop class. HA HA! Your hand looks like a foot. But a nice foot. You look fabu as always.

Jim read a poem:

"Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I like 'em titties,
You got on you."

Courtney said...

No bruises - AWESOME!!!

Bev said...

Rhonda, yes, Frank in his Cosmonaut suit is definitely more... erm, something. But I'm not sure about "adorable." ;)

Mala, Oh yeah, Matty was around there somewhere. I think I saw him wandering around the pool at one point. I'm sure he's fine!

Oh, and I'll have you know that while I did enjoy the copious amounts of alcohol available, I did not overindulge! All crazy photobooth action (more on that later, I promise) was due to me being a shameless flirt and natural wild child... as you of all people know all too well!

Cary, my hand DOES look like a FOOT! You nailed it! Of course, that's what my shop teacher said to me, too, right before he called for some ice and a ziplock baggie.

Bev said...

Courtney, well, none that you can see, anyway! HEE!

MtnMama said...

My daughter has that same harmonica! I recognize the box! ;) how funny is that...

I love that the girls got to wear variations on a theme" dresses; that is so humane.

All I can say to you, Bev, kvetching about your picture of yourself: You are standing there looking lovely and happy, next to a man that looks happy to be standing next to you. I'd trade your stumps for that.

calicobebop said...

Great photos! What a lovely service - and how nice for Mother Nature to cooperate! :)

Though I can't wait to read your funny reception stories, I will be patient while you rest up. I'm sure it was a long weekend!

Bev said...

Mtn Mama - lmao @ "humaine." So true!! Also, you're right. I am a lucky gal! I promise not to kvetch about my deformed digits again! :)

Calico - It was a beautiful day, but yeah, I'm tired. Hopefully I'll get my blogging mojo back by tomorrow (and will have time to scan in the photobooth hijinx). Thanks for your patience!

MtnMama said...

awww, don't go changin' to try and please me! (besides, just trying to balance out with Cary's witicsms) we never see ourselves the way that others see us, do we?

and I noticed that in your picture of yourself that the bruised leg was skillfully not visible! nice edit!

Kate said...

I love outdoor weddings! It looks like it was a wonderful time.

Ya know, they make prosthetic hands with fingers that work and all...just sayin'.

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

ahhhh, the beautiful people.

i love outdoor weddings, too! except, one of my childhood memories of an outdoor wedding consisted mainly of tiny little birds flying over and pooping tiny little mustard pellets all over my pretty white dress. fucking rats with wings.

anyway, you look fan-fucking-tastic in your dress. LOVE IT. and you and your nubby hands look happy in the picture. ;)

jessica o said...

Nice to meet you, Anne!

LOVE the nubby fingers! I'm forever doing something funky in a pic. Wonky-eyed or accidental smirk. Double, triple, quad chins...

You looked like a beauty anyway. :)

The tats covered up nicely on the Stray Cat!

Happy times. I love weddings.

Samsmama said...

Geez, little people dressed like adults. I freaking love it! Sam was so handsome in his "uxwedo". And you, my dear, are stunning! I like Kate's idea. I'm imagining the "Happy Gilmore" hand. You could totally pull it off. HA!

Harmony said...

Hey..I thought I left a comment earlier...what the heck?

Beautiful wedding. And you and the hubby look great!

Brooklyn ML said...

You and J look great in that picture! Nice rack. ;)

Bev said...

Mtn Mama - I know, I don't even try to keep up with Cary anymore! He so clevah! And yes, I made sure to edit out my massive leg bruise... but it was mostly hidden by my dress anyhow. Phew!

Kate - you made me LMAO with the prosthetic hand remark!!

MoFM - You're a sweetheart, lady! Also, the rats w/ wings... SO TRUE. I'm just not a bird person. They're ok, but the pooping thing is SO not for me!

Jess - for every decent pic of me, trust that there are 10 of me with double chins or my mouth open b/c I talk. A lot. ;)

Samsmama - RIGHT FUCKING ON! If I knew how to post a pic in comments, which I'm not even sure you can do, I would SO post a pic of Chubbs Peterson!

Harmony - thanks, girly!!! Blogger is a cruel mistress, so sorry if it ate one of your comments!

Maeghan - Dahling! Thank you, love. Takes a big boobied gal to know one! *mwah*

Cary said...

I like big boobs.


Jillinator said...

looks like a fantastic time! Dan-the-man was all smiles this morning when I asked if he had a good time. Oh, and you KNOW I had to zoom in on the pic to see the nubby fingers... I'd ask if you've got a little dwarf in you, but, well, from the chic who wears 3in heels or up at about all times I'm the last one to ask about that ;)

Jo said...

Love the pics! Dan took his ringbearer duties seriously and was focused maaaan! He is too cute. Love his little suit. You and Jim look great, numbs and all. ;-)

Mary said...

your shop class incident- you crack me up!

Bev said...

Cary, really? I hadn't noticed. ;)

Jill, yes, no pots calling kettles black, right shorty?!

Thanks, Jo! He was very serious about it, for sure!

Mary, right back atcha, lady!