Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday: A recap

Yesterday was indeed wonderful. Well, it started off less-than wonderfully when my youngest son got up at the ass-crack of dawn and proceeded to scream like a banshee for over an hour because he was... wait for it... TIRED. But, let's not dwell on that, mmmkay?

I had my very first ever REAL psychic reading yesterday. I had one before, but that woman was clearly a phony and a dingbat, because the experience I had yesterday was in-fucking-credible. The real deal, yo. No doubt in my mind. Note: the psychic will hereby be referred to as A because I am too lazy to spell out her whole name, k? I won't go into the full details because I don't want to bore you stiff, but here's the Reader's Digest version:

First thing A says to me is that her spirit guides say I'm a lovely person. Ahhhh, thanks, guys! (preening) She says something like, "You're just good, you're just a good person, and believe me, I cannot say that about everyone who sits in my chair." She gestured towards the door, through which Mala had just made her exit, and said, "I can see why you're friends. You are a giver, and so is she." Awwwwww.

Next she went into this whole thing about how I'm such a sensitive person (STFU, it's true. I may have the whole tough girl persona going on, but I bruise easily, inside and out), and people have always criticized me for being so sensitive, but she said that most of the time I'm actually right. A says I am an excellent interpreter of what people are really saying. (HA! I knew it!) But, that doesn't mean I handle it so great, so need to work on not holding in my feelings until I explode on folks out of anger. Check.

She said several other things that were accurate about me and my loved ones, specific details that blew my mind b/c no one could know them, especially a perfect stranger who only knew my name. She knew about a random health thing my husband had a couple of years ago, about a friend I talk to a lot, my crap job, a shitload about my kids and what kind of people they are/will become. She knew I'd been married for seven years, knew what kind of person my husband is, and said we had a good marriage. All true.

But here's where she blew the freakin' doors off. My dad came through. LOUD AND CLEAR. My grandmother too, but A said he literally pushed her aside and said, "She's here for me." YAY! Some things she identified that made it 100% crystal clear that it was really him:

- What he died of, specifically: "Feels like a heart attack, but it wasn't sudden. He had time to prepare and time to say goodbye. I have shortness of breath, and I am thinking emphysema or lung cancer." FYI - Dad had lung cancer, but died of a heart attack a month after finding out.

- the numbers 3 and 5 in reference to when he died. He died 3 weeks ago, in the fifth month, the month of May. This, btw, blew A's mind. Apparently it is highly unusual for a spirit to come through so soon after passing. She said it usually takes 6 months to a year for them to get things figured out over there, so she was astounded that he was there so powerfully. I wasn't surprised - that's just my dad. ;-)

- He had two children, but also identified a miscarriage my mom had before I was born. Um, wow. Nobody knows that. Nobody.

- He planned it so my sister and I wouldn't see us die. He didn't want us to see that.

- My grandmother was there when he passed and helped him cross over. She was also around him for several days leading up to his death.

- He will be there for "The Milestone." This is something we talked about a lot; he was sad he wouldn't see his grand kids graduate from HS and college, and we said, "Well, at least you'll see Danny graduate from Kindergarten!" Well, that graduation is today, and apparently Dad's planning on attending.

- Tons of stuff about my mom, details about his belongings, (i.e. sell the truck, don't move, get a housekeeper).

- A said that his sense of humor is still intact. He said something like, "I've got the damn dog!" THAT IS SO DAD. I asked which dog, and he said, "the one before the last, your mother's favorite," and "the one we were all so sad to lose." He meant our collie, who we lost after a house fire when I was a teenager. The dog got freaked and ran off and we never saw him again, which was really the final kick in the nuts after losing all of our worldly possessions!

- He loves his grandchildren immensely

- There was nothing we could have done to prevent his death. Now that he has a larger picture of the grand scheme of things, he knows it was his life's plan all along.

- He gave A the image of brush/trees, and regret. So funny! Before he got sick, he and his friend were planning to come down and help us clean up our brush. We had a lot of tree damage from an ice storm last winter, and he was going to come help out. He never got to, and he said to me several times in our last month together that he regretted not helping us with that. Apparently, he still does.

Pretty amazing. I wasn't at all surprised, somehow. Sure, I'm shocked and amazed that something like this is even possible, but I've always believed strongly that after death we just take on another form. I don't believe in heaven or hell or anything like that, just an indefinable change. Now, I have confirmation, and I feel really peaceful about it all. Rock on!

Moving on... this post is already way too long... SORRY!

After, Mala and I had a nice lunch and enjoyed some rare sunshine. It has been a very rainy June here in New Hamster. After some burgers & sangria, we decided to phone in the rest of the afternoon. Literally. Here's Mala making her daughter VERY unhappy by arranging for after-school care. Poor little Morgie, shuffled off to childcare so Mommy can get her drink & pampering on!

We went to Mala's mani/pedi place, which was appropriately called "Ok Nails." Just ok. Nothin' fancy. But, it was actually quite fancy - they had such strong accents that Mala and I were like, "Sure, whatever!" Next thing you know, we're drinking some sort of fizzy pink wine thing in vibrating chairs (hence the blurry cell phone pics), having our hands dipped in hot parafin wax, and they're drawing little Asian flowers on our toenails. Guh? Hmmm, I guess I said yes to that? Whatev, it's kind of cute.

Then, while under the hand dryer, Mala totally got hit on by an Asian dude who may or may not have had Downs Syndrome. NTTAWWT. I had the giggles by that point, so watching her field questions about her heritage was quite amusing. Him: "You must go tanning a lot." Her: "Um, nope, just part Native American." Him: "You like tanning?" Her: "No, just drinking." HEE!

Possibly the most disturbing part of the whole experience was the fact that the girl who did my nails talked like a Vietnamese prostitute. She called me nothing but "Baby," and told me she loved me several times, and kept repeating, "I only do for you. Only for you, baby." Oh, and it was important to her that I remember her name (Lee) and repeat it a lot. SAY MY NAME, BEYOTCH!

So, that's my day. Pretty freakin' wonderful, eh? Mala and I agree that it's probably a good thing that I work 4 days/week or we would be raging alcoholics with beautiful nails and credit card debt out the wazoo.


Harmony said...

Wow!! I am glad that your visit with A went pleasantly. I'll admit it and say that I almost burst into tears reading what you had to say about your dad and that visit. Very cool...I am glad that in the end, there really can be peace. IDK..I'm hormonal?

LMmotherfuckingAO @ your nail girl talking like a "Vietnamese prostitute" Only for you Baby!

MtnMama said...

Ok, well, except for the "hormonal" part, "What Harmony Said." ;)

I wish I could go see A. I've always wondered about my grandma.

I can't get Pedis anymore, but I think I'd like to hang out in the vibrating chair and drink fizzy things with you and have someone call me Baby! Ha!

Jillinator said...

I love it! Soooo cool... I want A's info... I gotta make an appt! Amazing!

Too funny 'bout the rest-o-the-day! Sooo jealous! I was in conference calls (3) in the afternoon so while you were gettin' your drink on and getting pampered. Glad you had such a good time baby!

verf: matistle=sounds like a dirty word for some part of the female anatomy... ma-tistle is tingly

Stacie's Madness said...

holy fuck dude that day sounds perfect!!!

Mala said...

"I cannot say that about everyone who sits in my chair." She gestured towards the door, through which Mala had just made her exit," - I got to that point and was all "what the fuck? what's that supposed to mean. BITCH!" Whew, good thing I kept reading. Context, my dear.
That was a fan-fucktacular day! Sure, it was worth having my daughter greet my at the afterschool program with an evil eye and repeating "how could you!". Funny, showing her my pretty little flowery nails didn't seem to be an apprpriate excuse in her book. Ahhhh, she'll get over it!
Oh, and about those pictures... that chair REALLY vibrated, making it difficult to not spill a single drop of that fizzy pink wine.
And Bev, I love you long time.

Brooklyn ML said...

Yeah, WOW all around.

rkintn said...

Wow! I want to go see A too! Think she'd make a trip to TN? Maybe I should just make a trip there cause we don't have a cool nail salon like that either LOL I'm glad you guys had a good deserve it:)

Steph said...

From now on, I'm so using "Only for you, baby" to everyone. All the time. Because that's awesome.

Kate said...

Where is A located in NH? She defintely sounds legit.

Sounds like a great day with Mala..a person can never have too much fizzy pink wine.

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

methinks Ok Nails kicks ass. i never get offered SHIT when i get my nails done at the supposedly shi-shi salon in my neighborhood. money-grubbing bastards. then again, they all speak english, get paid wayy too much and don't offer happy endings.

i LOVE that you got a good psychic for your first reading. AWESOME! so happy that you and Mala had a great day together. and you're right about the working 4 days thing... i work 5 days/wk (heh, marginally) and i am that raging alcoholic. 'cept my nails aren't pretty and i'm not in debt. ;)

Samsmama said...

I've never been to a psychic because I'm afraid that either they'd totally suck, as in, "Did you have a loved one that passed? Did their name start with A? B? C? D? E? F? G? H? I? J? K? L? M? Yes, M? I thought so."


They'd be freakishly accurate and tell me something I don't want to know. I have a family member that was killed and I don't want to know details.

Anyways, glad you had a wonderful experience. I want a vibrating chair. I'd sit in it ALL DAY! As opposed to my non vibrating chair, that I sit in ALL DAY. I'm so laz

OK, I was going to try to be funny and act like I was just too lazy to even finish typing the word, but I feel obligated to tell you that my word verf is:


There's a really good joke in there somewhere.

Bev said...

Harmony - I know, right? It was outstanding! I'm also hormonal, but that's just a day ending in "y" 'round these parts.

MtnMama - Why no pedis? Too personal? Email me! I must know why you can't have people rub your feet and legs for money anymore. Also, you're welcome to join us anytime. Girls only, sorry Frank.

Jilly - I will hook you up! And no, I don't envy you your "real job," or your tingy tistle.

Stacie - right on!

Mala - I wonder if that place offers happy endings? I'm pretty sure that one guy was willing to give you one. You AND your hot tan.

Maeghan - YES! Next time you pass thru NH, we're totally going to OK Nails... and to visit A!

Rhonda - I don't think A does housecalls, but never hurts to ask!!

Steph - You can totally pull that off!

Kate - Concord, our state's crapital.

MOFM - I know! The old salon I went to offered me bupkus AND charged a shiteload more! Stupid Americans and their "minimum wage." Pppfffft

Samsmama - I know, those were totally my concerns, dude, but it was much better than that. I highly recommend it for both you AND your butprek.

Also, I want a vibrating chair, but only if it comes with... ahem... attachments.

Cheasty said...

wow. that psychic experience sounds mind-blowing. buying ticket to new hampshire now... click! i want to check this lady out!

Bev said...

Cheasty, GOOD! Come on ovah and we'll do it UP! Can't promise wine & tacos-good ala MOFM, but I'll do my best! :D

Elliott said...

When they're good, they're really good. Psychics, that is, I wouldn't know about vibrating chairs and alcohol. (since I spill without electrical interference.)

My word verf is a drunken comeback: