Monday, July 13, 2009

200th post FAIL!

I had every intention of putting up a wicked killah 200th post for you all, but here I sit with a fistful of boring blog ideas and one funny video I just came across on Fecesbook (thanks, Kerry!). Hello, Apathy. Come here often? Actually, yes.

I just couldn't think of a good theme for 200. I asked J and he pondered for about 5 seconds before scratching his chin thoughtfully and musing, "What would iCarly do?" Dink. Clearly, he was no help.

Anywhooooo, sorry it's not more thrilling, but I promise to come up with something fun for us to do on the big 1 year Blogaversary next month. Check out this story from The Onion news network. I am pretty sure I've attended this party. I think.

Police Slog Through 40,000 Insipid Party Pics To Find Cause Of Dorm Fire

Hilar, am I right? I laughed.

In other news, I got an early b-day present yesterday! J got me a purple iPod Nano, which I love. It's adorable and practically indestructable, which are two things that electronics must be in order to survive in Bev's world. I am accident-prone. I break things. Maybe you've noticed this about me? No? Well, aren't you just the cutest?

Yes, you are. Have a good one!


onebadmamajama said...

Congrats on the Blogoversary AND the purple IPod nano! Color me jealous cause purple is my favorite color:)

Seriously, our muses have got to quit hanging out together LOL

moffum said...

i wouldn't even know what to do with a purple iPod nano. i have a shuffle that hasn't been updated since 2006...

as far as the ONN video, my boss sent me that a while back. HILARIOUS! and no worries on the shitty 200th post. chalk it up to a case of the mondays and a lack of flair. ;)

Samsmama said...

Moffum said you have a case of the Mondays? I believe she should get her ass kicked for that.

Mala said...

OMG I laughed so hard I cried! That shit is fun-ny!!! And those bitches stole our patented sexy face pose!
Congrats on your 200!

Now I need to go google what the fuck an ipod nano is.

Courtney said...

Woo to the fucking Hoo - congrats on the 200th post. So exciting.

MtnMama said...

That clip made me laugh, because it isn't stretching that hard - at all. I worry for our future. But then it was "brought to us by" the movie ad that has Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel in it. M and I LOVE Zooey! She's our fav. I'd stalk Zooey.

I have a turquoisey-ble Shuffle that I still haven't used yet. It was a "gift" (read: desperate bid to not have any of us sue our Project Leader for a disasterous 2 year journey into HELL) for finishing a project. Maybe I'm waiting for the skank to wear off?

anyhoo. I'm hoping moffum is using that phrase in the "deeply ironic" sense, because then that would be ok. Except it is hard to tell in type sometimes, just sayin.

tonya said...

CONGRATS ON #200, I can barley manage to get in 1 a month!! lol
sucks i cant watch the video they have so much shit blocked at work it is a miracle i can still blog.

Cary said...

Hmm... something purple, adorable and indestructible? And you've been playing with it all weekend. I n t e r e s t i n g.

Stacie's Madness said...

is that serious???

omg, that is classic....

seriously, this is totally going with my post tomorrow for my TOTALLY TICKS ME OFF TUESDAY!

calicobebop said...

Oh God. What a testament to the times we live in.

Happy Blogoversary!!!

Bev said...

Rhonda - thanks! Purple is really the best color ever, right?!

Little Miss Moffum - LOL! It took me 2 years to fill my 1G Shuffle! Oh, and I may have the Mondays, but I am certainly not lacking for Flair. :)

Samsmama - Watch out for your cornhole, dude.

Mala - I'm bringing it on our roadtrip. Also, those bitches ain't got nothin' on our sexy faces!

Courtney - thx.

MtnMama - I love Zooey too!! Winter Passing? Good stuff. And? Use that free Shuffle! They're fun, and we all need more music in our lives.

Tonya - thanks! I know what you mean - I can't really watch vids at work either. Trust me, this one's funny!

Cary - Yes, and when I push the right buttons, it sings. I might never leave the house again!

Stacie - settle down, chica! :)

Calico - Thank you too!

PorkStar said...

awww, i'm so sorry to hear your 200th post sucked balls.


I couldn't view the video but i know what kind of party pics those must be and no comment from me.

You accident prone? Shit, i didn't figure that out by reading your blog.

Cheers, muff sweat : )

Jillinator said...

Happy 200th almost birthday almost blogiversary!
hmmm... was Cary's purple indestructible comment about
I love that vid... the onion has some great ones
have a fab time in NY if I don't talk to you before!!! (although I really ought to 'cause I've got about 3 things for you that I keep forgetting to pass back at you... on of them being your mascara... after you mentioned you'd lost it I realized I have two in my purse... and one is a little newer looking than the other so I'm assuming I clepto-ed (seriously - by accident! I have another almost exactly like it!) it from you.

Mary said...

LOVE that 200 (or was it 2000) of the images were unusable due to sepia tones :) ahhh, that was funny!
and I loved that people were twittering that they were fleeing a fire :) good stuff....

mo.stoneskin said...

Crazy video. Congratulations on your 200th, you deserve a beer I think.

Bev said...

Porkstar - Yes, from time to time, I am accident-prone. I like to think of myself as "delightfully clumsy." Emphasis on "delightful," please.

Jill - you mascara-stealing WHORE. Ok, maybe that was too harsh. Thank you for returning my pilfered mascara. You whore. :)

mary - hey, you're right! That was a line. 200. See? It totally makes sense that this was my 200th post! I planned it that way all along.

Mo - why thank you, sir. Don't mind if I do! Cheers!

Kate said...

Who's Stringbean?

Harmony said...

LMAO that video IS hilarious..and? I am most certain I have been to a party just like that..yikes!

Happy 200th so did not fail this one!