Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Some guy I went to grammar school with posted the most disgusting photo on his Facebook page, and I can't seem to make it go away. I "hid" him from my News Feed immediately upon seeing it pop up this morning, but now it's showing up in my "Highlights" sidebar and I can't make it STOPPPPPP!

What is this photo of, you might ask? Well, it is of his partially-amputated big fucking toe, that's what. YEAH. As in, a big toe hanging on by a thread of skin, with a GD bone poking out. MY EYES! MY EEEEYYYYYEESSSSS! Why, oh why, would you ever post such a horrifying and disgusting picture? Why would you even want to remember that something this awful happened to your poor toesies? I don't get it, and neither does this horrified redneck I found online just now. Look at him; he's simply agog!

While I try to scrub the mental image of a mangled toe from my mind's eye, I'll tell you what else is shakin'. Wait for it.... Nothing! Yes, absolutely nothin'. I went and had my hair all did last night, so that was fun. I'm feeling sassy today. Laurie told me last week that I have "Rock Star" hair, which made me proud, because I'd rather have Rock Star hair than Soccer Mom hair, that's fo' sho'. I am way too young for Soccer Mom hair or Mom Jeans, despite my impending birthday.

Switching gears!

The other day, someone reminded me of those Myers Briggs Personality tests that they use to categorize you and tell you what kind of job you'd be good at, etc. I found a quick one online and thought it might be fun to take it. I'll throw it out here for you guys to take it too, and if you feel like sharing your results in the comments section, knock yo'selves out. You know I dig that kind of thing!!

Jung Typology Quiz

I am an ESFP.
slightly expressed extravert
slightly expressed sensing personality
distinctively expressed feeling personality
slightly expressed perceiving personality

"Artisan™ Portrait of the Performer (ESFP)
Performers have the special ability, even among the Artisans, to delight those around them with their warmth, their good humor, and with their often extraordinary skills in music, comedy, and drama. Whether on the job, with friends, or with their families, Performers are exciting and full of fun, and their great social interest lies in stimulating those around them to take a break from work and worry, to lighten up and enjoy life."

An Extravert who tries to make others take a break from work & worry? Moi? No way. ;-)

See ya!


Samsmama said...

I have a feeling I'm going to score "sloth" again. 72 questions? I don't wanna.

However, I do want to see the toe picture.

Frank Irwin said...

I'm with Samsmama.

About the slothiness, not about the big toe.

I love the pomeranian pic. Made me LOL.

Mala said...

That poor dog. I hope he mauls his owners.

By the way, I scrolled down your page ever so cautiously fearing you would share the horror and post that nast picture!
Thank you for not posting that.

PorkStar said...

A threw up a little when I was eating and reading your post about friend with toe/bone hanging from whatever... gross

I was having ground beef by the way.

I got to the 20th question on the thing and got tired. On top of that the boss passed behind me and asked what i was doing.

Oh and howcome you are not on my facebook? : )

Mala said...

Wait a minute bev, how on Earth did you get a picture of the guy that tried picking me up in the Nawth country?! OMG That's him!!!!

(oh course, all toothless, nasty hillbillies look alike0

Samsmama said...

Pork's on Facebook? I'm oddly intrigued...

Mala said...

Hmmmmmm, me too......

PorkStar said...

yepper, i have a link to the facebook thing on my blog...


no one noticed, obviously boo hooo

By the way, Bev needs a nickname.

Mary said...

I do not understand people...we had a friend who had a photo folded in his wallet of the gaping hole left on his stomach after surgery once...he really did keep it with him and pull it out to show after a few beers...idiot.
looking back, he could have emailed the freakin' thing to us, but noooooo- that would have iniolved technology.
what was the question?

Kate said...

Hey! How rude! Did you get permission from my Uncle Pud to post that picture? (While that isn't really my uncle, I do in fact have a distant relative that everyone called Uncle Pud. He had a goiter. It was gross.)

I'm an ESFJ. Bev, I think we would get along beautifully.

How do I get in on the toe thing?

Bev said...

Samsmama - Oh kum on! I know it's not a sex quiz, but you can find the time, can'tcha? Come ooooon.... :)

If you really want to see the (gag) toe picture, I will email it to you. Gah. Ugh. It's so fucking nasty.

Frankly my dear - cute doggy, I know! Now go take the dang test!

Mala - that dog couldn't maul shit. And no, I would not put that disgusting picture on my blog, too! I've been working hard to avoid it on FB all day!!

Pork Triangle - I tried to add you to FB just now; hope it was you! There are a surprising number of people with your name, bro! Also, sorry I made you gag on your luncheon.

And I have plenty o' nicknames, but feel free to give me another... as long as it's not mean. ;)

Mary - ew! that's a new low. Wanna see pics of my horrible injury or my kids? Hmmm, tough choice....

Kate - of course we'd get along! You totally "get" me!! I absolutely *heart* you!

Oh, and Uncle Pud??!!! LMGDAO!!!!!

Bev said...

Ok, Samsmama & Kate... check your email. You asked for it. ::shiver::

Samsmama said...

Oh. Dear. Gawd. When the email popped up and it said "disgusting toe picture" in the subject line I cringed. No wonder you were so disturbed by it. How in the hell did that happen? Sam said, "gross".

Frank Irwin said...



Jillinator said...

okay, the toe thing is gross... I haven't even seen it and I want to scrub my eyes!
I've taken those tests at work a couple of times and always come up as an ENTJ... what does that mean you ask? outspoken bossy beeotch basically. I like to make the rules (DUH!) and think things through a bit too much for the rest of the world (yup, just ask Ric... I ask WAY too many questions).

Oh, I DON'T want to see the toe picture. just in case you get email happy.

Harmony said...

I am a ESFJ too!

LMAO @ Samsmama having the feeling that she would score "sloth" again..LOVE IT!

My stomach turns just at the thought of the toe..at first I thought "I'd like to see that" But now I am just thinking God that I haven't seen it.

Oh and Rock Star hair? Hell yeah!!

PorkStar said...

No, i think you must have gotten the wrong person, try getting me from the facebook badge i have on my blog... i just changed the settings so you can add me.

onebadmamajama said...

My results:
You are:
slightly expressed extravert

moderately expressed sensing personality

slightly expressed feeling personality

moderately expressed judging personality

Whatever the hell that MEANS LOL I'm glad I'm not the only one here that is an ESFJ though cause that must mean it's not a bad thing:)

Oh, here are some famous people w/ESFJ: Martin Luther King, Eleanor Roosevelt, Desi Arnaz, Elvis Stojko (figure skater Olympic champion).

Desi Arnaz..really?! I gotta go buy some bongos LOL Babbaaaa LOOOO!

Bev said...

Samsmama - I did not lie, right? That picture is seriously disturbing!!! I hope seeing it didn't send Kate into early labor; I haven't heard back from her yet!!

Frank - YES, I'm sort of satisfied. Sort of. I just have to go look that shit up and see what it means! :) THX, brutha!

Jill - those results are freakishly accurate, right? I thought so! And no, I won't send you the mangled toe pic... no worries!

Harmony - No, you don't want to see it, trust me! I had nightmares. And yes - rock star hair! WOOT! Makes sense that you're also my personality type - I could've called that one!

Porkstar - crap! that means I requested some random dude & asked him if he was "PorkStar" in the message. Ooops! I will try your link again; it didn't work last night. :) When there's a will, there's a way!

Rhonda - Cool!! Another extravert. Let's pahty, dood.

Kate said...

It wouldn't open, I will have to wait until I get home to check it out. However, i might wait a few weeks to get to the "safe zone" of pregnancy just in case my body tries to expel this baby out of protest on viewing such a picture.

Courtney said...

Well for fucks sake - send me the picture already... I've got to see this. And I'll do your little test thing... Lord know's I don't feel like working today.

Ass Sweat OUT!!!

Courtney said...

#9. 9.It's difficult to get you excited


Wonder what that answer is?

Courtney said...

Yeah that picture was gross, but I've seen worse. Just for you Bev, I'm going to post it in all my new blog entries....

Frank Irwin said...

Make it your avatar, Courtney.

Courtney said...

My results:

Your Type is
Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging
Strength of the preferences %
44 12 38 44

ISFJ type description by D.Keirsey
ISFJ Identify Your Career with Jung Career Indicator™ ISFJ Famous Personalities
ISFJ type description by J. Butt and M.M. Heiss

Qualitative analysis of your type formula

You are:
moderately expressed introvert

slightly expressed sensing personality

moderately expressed feeling personality

moderately expressed judging personality

travellinbaen said...

I love a good test, especially one you can't fail. Or maybe I did fail. I don't really understand the results. I was hoping for some result like "you should play the following numbers in the lottery, win it, then start driving west immediately with your family." Instead I got INFJ?

slightly expressed introvert
slightly expressed intuitive personality
moderately expressed feeling personality
moderately expressed judging personality

First time here bev, so that's probably tmi, but since you and others see me on other blogs too I thought I'd give the background info.

Courtney said...

Frank - I may just have to do that, or dedicate an entire post of that picture to Bev.

Cause that's how awesome I am.

BTW Bev - You top comments thing isn't giving the list.

Samsmama said...

I'm LMFAO!!! Bev, you have to let me know if the "other" Pork Star accepts your request!

Bev said...

Kate - be grateful that it didn't open, and you're wise to wait till 28 weeks to look at it! For rlz!

Courtney - You got it, tough girl! If you make it your avatar I will cry and cry. Just FYI.

And I don't know what's up with my stupid top commenter widget! That thing craps out all the time! Grrrr.

Travellinbaen - Welcome!! Great to see you here. Thx for taking the test! My site seems to attract extraverts so far... except for El Frankerino!

Samsmama - So far he has NOT responded to me asking him if he is PorkStar. :) I'll keep you posted!

Kristen said...

lol! You could give me a break from work and worry. You kind sweet soul! And are you sure it was his toe...?

Bev said...

Kristen, ha! Thank you. I am a kind sweet soul. Except when I'm not. ;)

And yes, it was definitely a toe. ::shiver::